Saturday, January 5, 2008

Metro Link Experience

It's been awhile that I was not able to update this blog of mine, cause I was then thinking what to write on. Lot's of ideas came up to my mind but then I don't know how would I start it. Now, I came up to this my experience in riding a METRO LINK here in Belleville.
Last Wednesday, my brother need to be back to South Dakota having with me for a week stay here in Belleville. Since we're heading to St. Louis Airport my mother in-law decided that we will just take the Metro Link. I didn't know about it but then I was so excited to experience the ride. We purchased the ticket at the vending machines at the entrance of the station and must be validated before boarding the train.

Here's the price for the ticket:

* 1 Ride Ticket - $2.00 (reduced fare - $1.00)
* 2 Hour Pass - $2.25 (reduced fare - $1.10)
* 2 Hour Pass from Lambert Airport - $3.50 (reduced fare - $1.75)
* One-Day Pass - $4.50

Actually, it was not my first time to take a ride on a train but that day I felt that I was a little kid so excited to take her first ride.I sat next to my brother and Mom was at our back.We took some pictures and give our sweetest smile.

That moment I can't describe the inner feelings I had. Maybe because my brother who was very dear to me will be leaving me behind or Am I just thinking too much about anything.Anyhow, I enjoyed and I had a great time having that ride. Looking forward to take the ride again.

See you then in the Metro Link!!!


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