Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It is so sad to see people throw away their lives because they are addicted to drugs or alcohol. These things destroy the lives of the one who is addicted and the people who are close to them.

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Heroin is also a very powerful narcotic and thus habit forming. heroin addiction has a horrible affect on a person's body. The withdrawal symptoms are very unpleasant.

At Promises they are there to walk the person through each step of the drug detox and get them back to where they should be, sober.
Promises is the treatment center with the best combination of staff, programs and experience. They provide the highest quality addiction treatment. They have treatment centers in Malibu and West Los Angeles. These treatment centers are home like atmosphere and it is a safe and friendly environment.

If you know of someone who could use the expert help from the staff at Promises then consider checking alcoholism rehab. It is full of very helpful information.

The cookie and the jar

I don't have anything interesting to post for now other than this. I am posting a puzzle, actually a very easy one. It is the cookie-jar puzzle. Or maybe it should be termed as Math and Logic cookie-jar puzzle.

Here it goes:
A cookie jar costs a dollar more than a cookie. Together they cost $1.10. How much does the cookie jar cost and how much does the cookie cost?

[Think first...If you feel like giving up, answer is given after the jump]


Are you part of the majority that tend to say that the cookie jar costs $1 and the cookie costs 10c? Think again. If your answer is this, then the condition that the cookie jar costs a dollar more than a cookie, is not satisfied. In that case the jar would cost only 90c more than the cookie ($1 - 10c = 90c).

The right answer is that the jar costs $1.05 and the cookie costs 5c; now this makes exactly a dollar difference between the jar and the cookie.

Hope you enjoy it.

Cruiser Customizing

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Acne Facts and Myths

There are many factors that triggers the appearance of an "acne". But hey, let's admit it. ACNE DOES HAPPEN.

It's not something that we can just say - Please don't come out today! Truth is, acne is unpredictable.

There are so many misconceptions out there about this topic. I am not an expert person about this but as you may know, I experienced it too.

That is why I dedicate this page for some infos about acne.

Now it's time for me to share it with you guys.

FACTS: I love chocolates! Yummy! But despite some numerous scientific studies, there is no link and connection between diet and acne.

Still, there are some people believe that certain foods do causes acne. Dermatologists do advice that if you suspect certain food then simply avoid it.

Remember, that by eating bad diet can ABSOLUTELY makes your acne worse. So stick for a well-balanced diet and stay healthy.

Ahmm, chocolates anyone?

Just kidding! :-)

FACTS: Acne is not caused by poor hygiene.

If you believe with this myth, then you will discover that by often washing or scrubbing your face can worsen the acne. It makes your skin dry and cause some irritation thus giving you more breakouts.

All you have to do is cleanse your face in the morning and before going to bed. I usually use Black Licorice Soap in my face for years now and been totally happy with the result.


FACTS: For me, it's true. If you love putting on make-up you will discover that many cosmetics does clog pores.

Although I know that looking best when going to school or to work is a must by applying some but by saying that, simply use cosmetics or skin care products that are labelled as noncomedogenic (don't clog pores) and nonacnegenic (causes breakouts).


FACTS: This myth makes me laugh!

Current research indicates no connection and link between sexual intercourse, masturbation and acne. Honestly, this idea was way ages ago! It began as a "tale old story" way back 16th century in order to reduce the occurance of pre-marital sex. That's all. :-)


No matter how big and tempting it is because I know that's the first thing you see when you look at your face in the mirror, please don't attempt to scratch, pick, pop or squeeze a pimple.

By touching or popping them, it can actually produces germs under your skin that can lead to infection and permanent scarring.

That would be it.

Always remember that curing acne doesn't take overnight or so. It really takes time and money too. But you can really make a big change in your life if you will find a best treatment before it gets worse.

Visit a dermatologist and ask for some advice.


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Saturday, January 10, 2009

The way I view friendship

If I have friends, I always make it certain to care of them the best way I can. That is how I see myself as a friend. I think friendship is really about caring and trusting and assuring that whatever the circumstances maybe, you'd be there for each other. It must be a mutual relationship in order to work.

Friendship takes time to develop, unlike a mere acquaintance. You can never say someone is already your friend after meeting him or her once in a party. It takes more meetings and chats to culture a feeling of trust and care.

I normally initiate a talk to collect my so-called "friendsters". That initiation will determine the outcome of a probable follow-up chat. If I sense that we don't match in character, although it is shallow a reason to conclude that very moment, I usually don't mind just giving a smile, shaking hands and saying goodbye.

Most of the time, that system works. Some other times, though, it doesn't. You only discover after few days or weeks or months that the other party, in truth, is only putting a facade to fool you of his or her friendship. That in reality, he or she doesn't like you to be around with him or her.

That hurts. Extremely hurts! Don't you think so?

The signs will tell me -- when I begin to detect unusual, if not, totally unacceptable behavior -- if I have to let go of the friendship or not. Signs like, he or she tries to avoid you, or talk to you, or ditch your company. Or even tells lies to you or does things to lose your trust.

We hate that to happen. I hate that to happen. But it happens sometimes.

When it happens, be ready to let go!

Turbocharger and Turbo Professionals!!

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Preggy in Stripes..

Taken last Dec.22 about to go to our Teachers Christmas party .Taking a quick pose of my fast growing belly.Soon to be 8 months this 7th of January 2009. It is such a nice view near our tree and wearing a beautiful dress like this and just taking advantage of it.

Cultural identity for self-acceptance: not skin color

Brown-colored skin. That's what I have. No trace of yellowish or white tints in me. Only pure brown, like I was baked to perfection, so to speak. With both parents having the lineage of the locally bred mature generation, the product is no more than a similar-looking life form. To translate it into percentage of blood, I am 100% Filipino. Although grandparents claim to acquire a certain fraction of blood from the Spanish conquistadores, there is no trace of that declaration evident on me. If there was indeed truth to that, I am inclined to believe that huge mosquitoes that linger in the Philippine forests had already sucked what insignificant amount of foreign blood I had.

The pureness in me makes me ponder at how life would look or feel like had I been a daughter of a foreign national, say American national. In my country, there is some sort of partiality towards mixed blood individuals because they look much better than the normal, local-looking Indios. Lighter complexion, lighter hair color, sharper nose tip, curved eyelashes, thinner lips, reddish checks, well-defined chin, taller than average, pleasant foreign accent - these and maybe hundreds more set the foreign breeds apart from us.

We call them mestizo (men) or mestiza (women). They are the manifestation of what a visible beauty looks like. The mixture of skin color is no doubt bringing a delightful combination of good-looking Filipinos. They are there when forced circumstances need them. See them winning beauty pageants, enjoying showbiz spotlights - and also, singing when they can't even sing, acting when they can't even shed a tear. However, the point of this article is neither to jeer at them nor to look at their limitations. Their presence in my country is what I am glad about. Their acknowledgement of being Filipinos by heart is what I am proud of. They may be half of one and half of another; nevertheless, tuyo (dried fish), bagoong (salted fish), balot (boiled duck egg with 15-day chick), lechon (roasted pig), and rice are no less than their accustomed burger or fries or mashed potato meals.

Sam Milby and Anne Curtis..mestizo and mestiza!!

In more than a year of being abroad, I have already met many young second-generation or third generation Filipinos, Filipino-Americans who have never forgotten their roots. Salute to the parents of these children! Though they may sound different, they think like us, eat the food we eat, like true-blooded locals. The Filipino family values are intact. Filipinos pride themselves in having close-knit families and keeping Christian morals amidst the all-too liberated American culture. Minae, my Japanese/American/Filipino friend calls me Kuya (a term use to address an older brother), even if we are not blood related. This is because of the fact that Filipinos have high respect for elders.

Here in the US, where individualism is priority and children tend to demand their rights as individuals, Filipino parents always have solutions to patch up the differences, compromising on certain behaviors or practices, without completely sacrificing the Filipino beliefs and traditions. Filipino families' desires for their children are to grow up humble, considerate, hardworking and courteous individuals.

These Filipino-slash-whatever-other-culture new generations may be forced to live in two worlds but they have found their Filipino identity. That is important. For it is neither about the color of the hair nor the color of the skin. It is accepting who you truly are and where you come from. As what the Filipino/Spanish Hollywood movie actress Tia Carrere said, "It's a shame to leave behind your Filipino heritage."