Friday, February 29, 2008

Sumilon Island!!!perfect for Escapade..

Today I will be sharing to everyone the trip I had in Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort. If I shared to you the trip I had in Camotes Island, then the next Island that I will be sharing with you is also like a Paradise. I've been there couple of times with students or with friends. Where is Sumilon Island?

Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort is located on tranquil Sumilon Island. The Island remains as one of Cebu's best kept secrets and is found on the southeastern tip of the mainland. It is 125 kilometers from Cebu City and is in close proximity to Dumaguete. The island has an area of 24 hectares and is surrounded by crystal clear waters with varying aquamarine hues. It is the first marine protected area in the Philippines and was made a fish sanctuary in 1974 under the guidance of Siliman University Marine Reserve.




Reception Area:





We had great time there. You can do lots of activities in that Paradise Island. You can enjoy swimming in the warm and shallow waters or take a boat ride around the island.For those interested in trekking, there are trails that offer hikers plenty of opportunities to wander on the island. Picnic, walk along or take a paddle boat ride at the natural lagoon teeming with high mangroves and experience the translucent feel of a waking dream. Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort beckons you to indulge in its crystal clear waters and dive into the vibrant sanctuary beneath snorkeling is a great alternative to view aquatic life and is one of the best in the country or, ride a native boat and let the waves and wind take you around the island.

So, if you have time then why don't you visit this place and you will see the things that you never seen before in your entire life. A nature lover person would really appreciate the gift that God gave us. But if you are not a nature lover then tell me after you see this paradise and you would tell yourself, how lucky we are to have these gifts.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Camotes Get away....

As I' m sitting down and thinking what are the things I'm gonna do to never felt bore dome here in the house I look at my nice and very handy laptop I remember that I need to blog. It's quite awhile I never blog then.

Today I will share to everyone my trip in one of the best Island in the Philippines. Introducing Camotes Island. I remember that day when I was still in the Philippines, it was like 3 days holiday break for everyone. Well, time for escapade. My students and I decided to hop in this Island. It was my first time too to discover this precious Island. Not too many tourist came to visit this place cause its far and not that too much famous when you compare it to Bohol Island.

I don't mind then. What's in my mind was just to relax and enjoy the nice Island. Let me tell you about Camotes Island.

Camotes Island is situated in Central Visayas, in the Philippines. It is a part of the province of Cebu in Region VII. Camotes Islands is located east of Cebu and west of Leyte . Camotes Island is made up of three main sub-islands and divided into four municipalities. This four capital towns are Pilar, Poro, San Francisco and Tudela. Camotes Island's photography is hilly. The highest point of the island is 386 meters above sea level. It's climate is characterized by distinct dry season. Access to the island is by boat. There are daily boats from mainland Cebu to Camotes Island.




When we arrived there we stayed at Santaigo Bay Garden Resort. It was a very nice resort. The resort successfully and effortlessly blends nature with friendly hospitality. It is a few minutes from the town and the ports of San Francisco and Poro.

You don’t come to Camotes for crème brulee, a Swedish massage or a Cosmopolitan. You come for the clean air, the fresh catch and the fabulous views. You come for the peace, quiet and solitude the island offers you. You don’t come to Camotes to soak in the luxury of your oceanfront Jacuzzi. You come to revel in the luxuries that the ocean in front offers you. Emerald waters gloriously heated by the sun at noon. An endless shoreline that lies undisturbed all day long. Late afternoon walks in the company of colonies of crablets. Enchanting explorations of a seabed carpeted with starfish as far as you can see.

It was a nice trip that we had. And that was one of the best experience I ever had in my life. Wish when I go back to my beloved homeland, I will take my hubby there and spend heavenly night together.

If you wanna go there and you cannot do without Hansgrohe fittings and 1000 thread Pima cotton sheets, don’t come to Camotes. Still, if you must—leave your Billabong shorts, Mandarina Duck luggage and Havaianas, behind—in this precious slice of paradise, you won’t need them.

Friday, February 22, 2008

What do You think?

I think that each one of us has different emotion in everytime we see something unique, different, unsual and strange. How about checking out this pictures that I will show to you? What can you say about it?Hmmm... open your mind and tell me...I think that some pictures are cute and fun but some of it reflects of your personality and my personality.Enjoy!!



This is what bad spelling looks like!

This is what intimacy looks like!

This is what deaf looks like!

This is what stupid looks like!

This is what 'oh s##t' looks like!

This is what your tax dollars look like!

This is what McBurndt looks like!

This is what "I can wait" looks like!

This what a man could do if theres no escape at all! LOL

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Time for Fun

Here are some Famous Gay Beauty Pageant Quotes. Let's laugh and no offense to anyone. Lets just make the day be brighter and happy.

"People make pageant and the pageant makes history and tonight ladies and gentlemen...i want to be a part of that history..being a gay in this society is not to diminish may humanity...but the only purpose way we living in this to love and to be loved..., to be king and to be prosperous.."
"and now ladies and gentlemen and minsan nagpatibok sa puso ni polo raveles... at ang minsan naging pirenha ng encantadia....Ms. sunshine dizon..."
"Di man ako kasi ganda ng inyong nanay...di man ako kasing seksi ng inyong mga ate...ngunit wag ka paka sisiguro baka isa ako sa pinatuwad ng tatay mo"
"Bago ko po lisanin ang apat nah sulok ng entabldong ito?nais ko po sanang iwan ang mga katagangrs"BA, BE, BI, BO, BU"
BA- bakla man poh kmi sainyong paningin?
BE- benguet hanggang Aparri kmi inyong makakita..BI- biktima rin po kmi ng karahsan at pangungutya!
BO- bobo lng poh ang ngsasabi nah kmi ay salot!at
BU- bukas baba ang pong may kapal upang husgaan ang tunay nah ngksala!
kung ang mga kababihan nah wlang gnwa kundi ang maglaglag ng bata saknyang snapupunan?at ang mga lalakeng wlang gnwa kundi humithit ng bato!!!o kming mga bakla! na wlang gnwa kundi ang MAGMaHAL ng KAPWA!
"Bago ko lisanin ang apat na sulok ng entabladong ito nais ko lamang mag iwan ng isang katagang tataga sa inyong mga damdamin ang PA-PE-PI-PO-PU
Pa-pa lang ang hanap namin
PE-kpek lang ang wala saamin
Pi-tpitin nyu man kmi bakla prin kmi
PO-kpok lang ang di marunong lumingon sa pinanggalinganat
PU-wet ko masikip kaya pla masikip may TITING nka siksik"
"Kung ang tatay ang haligi ng tahanan, kung ang nanay ang ilaw ng tahanankung ang mga anak ang angel sa tahanan at kung ang tombi naman ang pader ng bahaykaya kaming mga bakla ang anay na cyang dahan-dahang kakain sa mga haligi ng tahanan,
kung ang tombi ang katawan ng saging kung ang babae naman ang dahon ng saging at kung ang mga lalaki ang bunga ng saging kaya kaming mga bakla ang mga matsing na aakyat at kakainin ang bunga ng saging."
"Introduction ng isang gay candidate sa ms gay universe:from north to south,east to west.... north pole... south pole... longitude... latitude... ECUADOR!!!!

Joke, Joke, Joke!!!!

Let's makes the day brighter. I have here some Filipino jokes for you to read and hope it could help you amuse your day.

GF: Magaling! At sino tong Baby na nagtext sa iyo?
BF: Ah eh kumpare ko yun! Lalake yun! Baby lang ang palayaw.
GF: Oh eto replyan mo. Hindi daw kayo tuloy at may mens daw ang tarantado!

Niloko ko yung tindera kanina.
JUAN: Paano mo naman niloko yung tindera?
PEDRO: Nagpaload ako eh wala naman akong celfon.

INA: Anak, tawagan mo nga tatay mo sa celfon. Pauwiin mo dito.
[pagkatapos tawagan.]
ANAK: Nay, babae po ang sumagot.
INA: Lintik, sinasabi ko na nga ba, may tinatago yang tatay mo eh! Anong sabi?
ANAK: 'You only have zero pesos in your account...' hindi ko na tinapos nay dahil mukhang matapobre.

Nagbubungkal ng lupa si Erap para magtanim. Akala ng nakakita niloloko lang siya dahil wala naman siyang tinatanim.
BANTAY: Sir, wala naman kayong tinatanim ah.
ERAP: Bobo! Seedless ito!

STUDENT: Ma'am, pagagalitan niyo po ba ako sa bagay na hindi ko naman ginawa?
TEACHER: Natural hindi.
STUDENT: Good, di ko po ginawa ang assignment ko!

Si Erap nakabasag ng vase sa Museum, yung attendant nataranta.
ATTENDANT: Naku sir, more than 500 years old na po yang vase na iyan!
ERAP: Hay salamat. Akala ko ay bago.

Sa Math Class...

Teacher: Banong, kung meron akong 1 piraso ng karne at hinati ko ito, ilang piraso na?
Banong: 2 po ma'am!
Teacher: At kung hinati ko pa pareho?
Banong: 4 na piraso po!
Teacher: Hinati ko ulit.
Banong: 8 piraso po.
Teacher: Hinati ko pa.
Banong: 16 po mam.
Teacher: Hinati ko pa?
Banong: 32 piraso na po!
Teacher: Kung hinati ko ulit?
Banong: 64 po! (nakangiti)
Teacher: At hinati ko pa? 2 beses ko pang hinati?
Banong: Ay susmaryosep ma'am! GINILING na po! GINILING!!!

BOY: Wala akong kwentang anak para sa inyo! Lahat ng ginagawa ko puro mali ! Lagi nalang ako mali !!! Di 'nyo na ako mahal!
AMA: Nagkakamali ka anak?
BOY: Shet! Mali na naman ako!!!

Sa loob ng Mall)
GUY: LOVE, yan ang dati kong girlfriend.
Jowa: Ang pangit pangit naman!
GUY: Wala akong magagawa, yan talaga ang weakness ko ever since...

JUDGE: Ano ba talaga nangyari?
ERAP: ? (di nagsasalita)
JUDGE: Sumagot ka sa tanong.
ERAP: Naman eh!!! Kala ko ba hearing lang to??? Bakit may speaking?

FROG: What does my future hold?
FAIRY: You'll meet someone who wants to know everything about you.
FROG: Great! Will I meet her in a party?
FAIRY: No, in Bbiology class

Inspiring quote of the day:
"Hindi ako tamad. Hindi ko lang alam kung saan ko ibubuhos ang kasipagan ko."

MRS: Hon, am I pretty or ugly?
MR: Uhm.. both..
MRS: Anong both? Pwedeng pretty and ugly?
MR: Ang ibig ko sabihin, you're pretty ugly.

TEACHER: Okay class our lesson for today is science. What is science?
PEDRO: Ako ma'am! Ako ma'am!
TEACHER: Okay Pedro, what is science?
PEDRO: Science is our lesson for today.

AMO: Inday, paalisin mo nga yung pulubi sa labas ng bahay.
(nilabas ni Inday)
INDAY: Off you go! Under no circumstances this house would relent to such unabashed display of vagrant destitution!
PULUBI: Oh! I'm so ashamed! Such a mansion of social climbing freaks!
(nakakuha na ng katapat si Inday!) NOSEBLEED!!

BOB: Nakakamagkano ka sa 1 araw?
PULUBI: Nag-uumpisa kasi ako ng 8am. Ngayon 9am na. naka 80 na ko.
BOB: Hindi din masama noh? Ano mabibili mo niyan?
PULUBI: Pwede na tong isang espresso macchiato sa starbucks!

DOC: Umubo ka!
PEDRO: Ho! Ho! Ho!
DOC: Ubo pa!
PEDRO: Ho! Ho! Ho!
DOC: Okay.
PEDRO: Ano po ba sakit ko doc?
DOC: May ubo ka.

1. Trulalu.
2. eklavu
3. eklavu.
4. trulalu
5. eklavu
6. trulalu
7. trulalu.
8. eklavu
9. trulalu
10. trulalu
-batang bading nagsasagot ng true or false na quiz.

Sir, hindi ko po naayos preno ng kotse niyo.
CUSTOMER: Ha?! Paano na yan?
MEKANIKO: Nilakasan ko na lang po ang inyong busina! Happy trip na lang po!

Divorced father: Anak pag-uwi mo bigay mo sa nanay mo itong cheke at sabihin mo 18 yrs old ka na, huling cheke na makukuha niya for child support tapos tignan mo kung ano ang expression ng face niya.
Anak: Mom, sabi ni dad bigay ko daw sayo itong cheke, last support na niya ito sakin kasi 18 na ako. Pagkatapos tignan ko daw expression ng face mo.
Mom: Sa susunod na pagbisita mo sa kanya paki sabi salamat sa suporta kahit di mo siya tatay! Pagkatapos tignan mo expression ng face niya!

BOY1: Nakakaawa naman lola mo.
BOY2: Bakit?
BOY1: Nakasabay ko kasi magsimba nung isang araw, ubo ng ubo.
Pinagtitinginan nga ng tao.
BOY2: Papansin lang yun!
BOY1: Bakit?
BOY2: Bago kasi ang blouse niya!

A boss confused about his Math asked his secretary:
If I give you P3M less 17%, how much would you take off?
SECRETARY: Everything sir! Dress, bra, panty!

TEACHER: Mga bata, alam niyo ba na ang bawat butil ng palay ay galing sa dugo't pawis ng mga magsasaka?
MGA BATA: Eeewwww!

Magsyota sa motel.
BF: Alam mo love, ikaw ang first girl na dinala ko dito.
GF: Sinungaling. Sabi nila lagi ka dito!
BF: Oo, pero ikaw lang talaga ang girl!

PARI: Halika sa sulok
MADRE: Bakit po?
PARI: Isara mo ang pinto.
MADRE: Wag po!
PARI: Patayin mo ang ilaw!
MADRE: Diyos ko po!
PARI: Kitamo ang rosary ko. Glow in the dark!

TITSER: Ba't ka na-late?
EDWARD: Nawalan ho kasi ng 500 yung lalaki.
TITSER: Tinulungan mo siyang maghanap?
EDWARD: Hindi po, tinapakan ko lang hanggang umalis siya.

Sa kasalan
PARI: Sana ang donation mo ay katumbas ng ganda ng pakakasalan mo.
GROOM: Eto P5, father.
Tinignan ng pari ang bride.
PARI: Eto P4 sukli mo iho.

Sinauli ni Erap ang libro sa library.
ERAP: Sobrang dami ng characters wala namang istorya!
LIBRARIAN: Kayo pala ang kumuha ng telephone directory namin!

JAIME ZOBEL DE AYALA: 1/2 Pinoy, 1/2 Spanish.
HENRY SY: 1/2 Pinoy, 1/2 Chinese.
LITO ATIENZA: 1/2 Hawaiian, 1/2 Polo.
MIKE ARROYO: 1/2 Pinoy, 1/2 pork.
JOHN OSMENA: 1/2 Pinoy, 1/2 Pinay.
PROSPERO PICHAY: 1/2 Unggoy, 1/2 gulay..
GMA: 1/2 ... only.

WIFE: Hon, nahirapan ako huminga.
HUSBAND: Kung nahirapan ka ng huminga, itigil mo na.

ANAK: Inay, ano po ba yung 10 commandments?
NANAY: Iyun yung sampung utos ng Diyos.
ANAK: Mas makapangyarihan pa po pala kayo sa Diyos eh!
NANAY: Bakit?
ANAK: Ang dami niyong utos eh!

Kung totoo ang ' Darwin 's theory of evolution' na ang tao ay nagmula sa unggoy, bakit may mga taong mukhang kabayo?

DORAY: Mare, kulang pa kami ng isang miyembro, baka gusto mong sumali sa paluwagan.
PINANG : Hindi pa ako pwede, mare.
DORAY: Bakit mare?
PINANG: Virgin pa kasi ako.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Presents

I guess everybody was happy celebrating the special day of hearts. What presents did you get? What did you do? Where did you go?

Well, my hubby and I just stayed at home but what surprises me that day was the presents he gave me. A dozen of Red Roses, a Tweety Card, and the 3lbs of solid Hersheys Chocolate. Can you imagine me eating that solid chocolate?ahhahahahaah..(mapudpud gyud ako ngipon ug kina-on). These gifts maybe too simple for the eyes of other people but for me it was the thought that counts, and I love all these stuffs.

I love my husband so much as no other woman can ever love him as I do.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Behind every Great Love Story is a Story

Three more days and it's Valentines day. People become crazy looking for stuffs to buy for their love ones. Chocolates, flowers, reserved for two in a fancy restaurant...every one is busy. Not me. I will spend that special day with my hubby at home. Cuddling each other and eat and laugh together. Since I told you that I will blog more about love stories then here is it.

I remember the movie "THE NOTEBOOK", that was a very nice love story. For those who haven't seen it then I'll tell you a little about it, things that I just remember, so bear with me. Here it goes:

A young woman comes to the coastal town of Seabrook, North Carolina in the 1940’s to spend the summer with her family. Still in her teens, Allie Hamilton (Rachel McAdams) meets local boy Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling) at a Carnival. On the spot, Noah senses that he and Allie are meant to be together. Though she is a wealthy debutante and he a mill worker, over the course of one passionate and carefree summer in the South, the two fall deeply in love.

Circumstances – and the sudden outbreak of World War II – drive them apart, but both continue to be haunted by memories of each other. When Noah returns home from the war years later, Allie is irrevocably gone from his life, but not from his heart.

Though Noah doesn’t yet know it, Allie has come back to Seabrook, where they first fell in love. But now Allie is engaged to marry Lon (James Marsden), a wealthy soldier she met while volunteering in a GI hospital.

Decades later, a man (James Garner) reads from a faded notebook to a woman (Gena Rowlands) he regularly visits at her nursing home. Though her memory has faded, she becomes caught up in the fiery story of Allie and Noah – and for a few moments, she is able to relive the passionate, turbulent time when they swore they’d be together always.

See, how deep is their love,a story of lost chances, growing up and the power of enduring love. It was indescribably and achingly beautiful and amazing film! And quite a classical love drama that portrays a long and lasting Love, though it seems impossible to find this kind of Love nowadays..Its really a lovely, sweet movie that inspires and rekindles the love or more aptly the true essence of love in one's life..

I would suggest all those love birds to definitely give it a shot. I cried, I laughed and Loved then cried again throughout watching this movie. I haven't seen a beautiful American romantic movie like this one...One of the best I have to admit. And I will admit that this Valentines Day my hubby and I will watch this film.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Love Rocks

It's almost the day of hearts, Valentines Day. I know lots of people then will celebrate that very day. Well, I have been starting to mark my calendar since the first day of this month for that special day. I want to blog starting today till end of this month about LOVE.

What is LOVE? There are lots of meaning of this special word. Since a very long time ago, people have searched for the meaning of love. But even the great philosophers, with their profound definitions, could not fully touch its true essence. What exactly is love? Is there an absolute meaning to the word - love? Or is it purely subjective? The concept of true love is what we search for all our lives. Yet love is one of the most misunderstood concepts of all. What people really want more than anything else is to be loved unconditionally, to be accepted for who we are, and still be loved. Sometimes we will do some crazy things, in the name of love. Love is actually the choice one makes to put someone's wishes, desires and needs above our own. Many people confuse the word love with the meaning of the word want or desire.

But what if I will tell you what do little kids know about LOVE? Read on and be surprised that despite their young and innocent minds, kids already have a simple but deep grasp of that four-letter word.

"Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other."

"Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your french fries without making them give you any of theirs."

"Love is when my mommy makes coffee for my daddy and she takes a sip before giving it to him, to make sure the taste is OK."

"Love is hugging. Love is kissing. Love is saying no."

"Love is when your puppy licks your face even after you left him alone all day"

"When you're born and see your mommy for the first time".

"Love is what makes you smile when you're tired."

So now, these kids have their own meaning about LOVE. How about you? What does it mean to you? You can write it on my comment and I'm willing to respond you back. Feel free to say something. But before I will end this blog, heres a video, an Anime LOVE Video that really nice and so cute. I love it and so sweet. Hope you love it too.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Love Will Find A Way

Wow, today I just remember the cartoon movie that I have watched over and over again. Remember the movie The Lion King? I really got those CD's part one and part two. Today, while I was sitting down and thinking, I then recall that one song in that movie really touches me. In a busy world, LOVE WILL FIND A WAY, if you are really meant to be.

In my life as I have said in my previous blog, I have met many men but I guess that each one of us has that special someone in our life . In my case, my hubby and I may be separated by oceans and cultures, but still our souls met admist the vastness of space. Never yet realizing what we have been searching for generations, we still nurtured each other soul and found each others comfort and bliss in our togetherness... and Love really find our way to be together.

As this song goes, I hope that it will also touches your soul as it touches mine.Enjoy watching and singing!!!!

In a perfect world
One we've never known
We would never need to face the world alone

They can have the world
We'll create our own
I may not be brave or strong or smart
But some where in my secret heart

I know
Love will find a way
Any where we go
I'm home
If you are there beside me

Like dark turning into day
Some how we'll come through
Now that I've found you
Love will find a way

I was so afraid
Now I realize
Love is never wrong
And so it never dies

There's a perfect world
Shining in your eyes

And if only they could feel it too
The happiness I feel with you

They'd know
Love will find a way
Any where we go
we're home
If we are there together

Like dark turning into day
Some how we'll come through
Now that I've found you
Love will find a way

I know love will find a way

Monday, February 4, 2008

Are you ready for Confession?

So when was the last time you went for confession? Well, in my case its been like 6 months since I have done my confession in the Philippines. I love to go confession because it made me feel clean inside and outside of me.

But then, while I was surfing in the net I came across this in You Tube. I found this very funny video and it really tickles me. Tell me then how will you react after you see this video.

Enjoy!!!!!!!!!! and no offense.. just for fun!!!!!!!

My Bear named Rham...

It's really nice to know if your husband love you most. Do you know why? Okey, let me tell you this.

My hubby and I went to Walmart last week to get some stuff like food, milk, fruits and some other supplies needed in our house. We passed by this aisle where there are stuff toys. I saw lots of toys and I just remember my younger days that I never had these kind of toys and made me feel so unlucky. As I can recall, my mother used to give me a doll but it was too small and its plastic. She then told me before that just play with your brothers and just don't care about dolls. So by then, I don't have much toys like other kids have. I never blame my mom for it because we are not that rich family that we can afford expensive toys.

That very day that my hubby and I was in Walmart, and I saw this very huge Teddy Bear. I went directly to the Bear and I hug it. So soft and soooooooooo Big!!!!!!!! Then I just started to tell my self that "I hope I could have this Bear". Well, I think God heard my prayers. I didn't know that my hubby saw me squeezing the Big Bear. Then he suddenly came closer to me and says, " Do you like it? If you want it then put it in the cart, I will buy it for you. Babe, I will always be happy to give whatever you want because I love you. I'm so happy to see you happy."

I looked at him and smiled and softly said, "YES". Then I got the Big Bear and my hubby was so happy to see that I was so happy to have the Big Bear.. Then we came across with my lovable toy, "TWEETY BIRD".. my hubby got Tweety Bird and it sings too. I got lots of tweety collections and this new one just added to my collections.

See how my husband really loves me? Yes of course I love my husband too, more than he knows.
So it's too nice to know that there is someone who really loves you dearly.