Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I believe that everyone are aware that it soon to be "Mother's Day" and for all of you mother's, it's a day to be glad, happy, pamper and receiving flowers, chocolates and cutes cards from our loved ones. Me and my hubby, already talked what to give to Mom and my Mommy in Pinas on that day. So I was surfing the net around and found the perfect Mother's Day Flowers at Pro, they have all the fresh cut flowers available almost all year round. And their prices are a lot cheaper too compare to others and they have flower delivery around the USA and do delivery to over 50 countries through their network of top-tier florist and farm around the world.

The website was launched in 1998, and become the largest domestic grower-direct internet flower provider.They only sale the finest and the highest quality of cut flowers and been so proud to deliver the best gifts for years. They have the most polite and friendly customer service on the business and always be delighted to answer all your calls.

Go and visit them today and pick from their wide variety of flowers bouquets, plants, gourmet gift backets and other gifts that will surpise your dearest loved one or friends in any occasion too. And don't forget to drop by at Florapedia flower guide to check the meaning of the flowers of your choice. I can wait to see Mom's reaction when she get her surprise on Mother's Day and my Mommy in Pinas, but we are so sure that they will love the flowers so much. So guys, don't wait for too long and place your orders today so it will make it on Mother's Day.

Chicken Barbeque

I know , I keep talking about foods here. It just that me and food really get a long so well. I am not that fat but if I keep taking food to sleep I might soon ! "hahahha".

I always thought that eating in a barbecue place is a big treat ! specially when you have enough change after tips of course you can then dive in a halo-halo espesyal! We don't often, dining out back in Pinas because Mom would always tell that I rather spend the money for rice and fish "wahhh" poor me ...but hey ! that is why it's a big treat to me and after a week saving some of my money.. I can then indulge the fruit of my labor. Mwahhhhhh!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bed Time post is nothing to do with the photo above, I just thought sharing it because I been in one of that jeepney sweating like a pig. I am now in youtube listening about call center issues and golly! some people are pretty mean to people who work in it.

Anyhow,It's passed my bedtime so I better go to be now before I use all my energy left, it's time to recharge and get some more juice. I really miss being young I was so full of energy and very active in everything.

And now here I am only 30 and feeling sometimes like 60 lol ...I have to take care of myself seriously because I want to grow old gracefully and pretty 'huh'...anyway, still blog hopping and hope to catch you all soon. Thank you so much for all of you who left me some comments. You all take good care and God bless us always. Mwahhhhhh.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Beach...the Beach...

Hahahaa ! I should try this one but where the "heck"! I'm going to get some sand ? I love to go to the beach cause I miss staring and swimming with my two piece swimsuit and displaying my cute body !!! ngaks!! the smell of the ocean and the wind blows made me I feel contented and at peace. I feel sorry that we are so far away from the beach cause we are in the middle of the United States.

Anyway, I have to park my fingers now and start working again and maybe coffee will help me think something to write descent on my next post. Have a Blessed Day everyone.

Things I Miss in Pinas

I am now watching ABS-CBN news on my laptop while my hubby is also busy downloading movies on his computer. While I'm watching the I am now thinking about Philippines and this are the things that I miss most on this moment of time:

Going to the market early in the morning with my mother or late in the afternoon and shop for some fresh vegetables and have a fight with the crowed and negotiate all the high prices "hahahha". I miss doing this thing and how I wish I am doing it right now.

and drop-by at the dried fish (bulad) vendors and buy some "bulad" for dinner or breakfast with rice, fried eggs "yum".

and before we hit home , I would love to drop-by at my favorite "HALO-HALO" place to have refreshments.. I love this stuff....wish I can share it with all maybe one of this days will see.

I just miss the food in Pinas...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weather, Weather...

Yes, the weather is nice in here in our place. I just can't wait to be warmer and warmer everyday. It's been awhile that I was able to blog cause I am just too tired after work and I just want to lay down and rest.

Just the other day, my hubby and I cleaned our front yard. And it was my first time to be wearing shorts in here. since i got here I always wear jeans, thick clothes cause the weather is cold. I always complain to my hubby about the He will just tell me just wait, and we will have nice weather soon, very soon.

Well.. of course "nagpatong gyud ko ani ug silya kay cute baya ko"..

It was last Thursday that we put on our Sun Shade in front of our house since every afternoon the sun rays hits in our front house and it enters our living room. So, I helped then to put on that sun shade. Then, cleaned it by myself with soap and water and a brush. It was tiring but I really enjoyed doing it.

I'm waiting for a more nice weather soon..

Monday, April 21, 2008

When You Dont Look Your Age

When you are told that you don’t look your age bothers you, doesn't it? We got nasty remarks like, "oh you're only 30 I thought you're 35!?" more than once from some insensitive people back in the Philippines. But I took it as, "Hmp.Well, nag dahum sad sila na baby-faced siya,ahhaha" I never slapped anyone for saying that but the words she/he said is like a sticky post in our head, right?

But what blows my mind is that even here in the States, I still get that you-dont-look-your-age remarks. Only this time, they say I look younger than my age! One time a woman guessed my age and she said I'm 15. Naks naman...Grabe naman pud si Manang.. Then someone else said I look 22. Not one could really tell my age right and when I said I'm turning 30 , you can see their eyes grow big. They can’t believe it. It was flattering at first, but later it became annoying because of the fact that my husband is older (please note older, not old LOL! ) than me. When they think that our age gap is like 30 years or more, I feel uneasy. And I feel sorry for my hubby because I don’t want people to think he is a cradle snatcher or something. You never know what's on other people's mind.

Anyway, the point is Filipinos or Asians for that matter really look younger than their white counterparts. I think it has to do with our skin and this thing called pigmentation. We have a lot of this which protect our skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Our skin don’t wrinkle as bad and as fast as the white's skin. And that's good but it also has some disadvantages especially if you are caught in the same situations I was in.

But well as long as you are happy then never mind those people who think how you are. Let’s just be happy that we are Proud to be Pinoy….labi na “BISDAK”.

Filipino jokes

Joke Time!!

Kung mayaman :
Kung mahirap :

Kung mayaman ka, meron kang "allergy"
Kung mahirap ka, ang tawag dyan ay "galis" o "bakokang"

Sa mayaman, "nervous breakdown" dahil sa "tension and stress"
Sa mahirap, "sira ang ulo"

Kung mayaman ka, "pneumonia" daw ang sakit mo
Kung mahirap, "TB" yon

Sa mayaman, "hyperacidity"
Kapag mahirap, "ulcer" dahil walang laman ang tiyan

Sa mayamang "malikot ang kamay", ang tawag ay "kleptomaniac"
Sa mahirap, ang tawag ay "magnanakaw" o "kawatan"

Pag mayaman ka, you're "eccentric"
Kung mahirap ka, "may toyo ka sa ulo" o "may topak" o "may sayad"

Kung mayaman ka at sumakit ang ulo mo, ikaw ay may "migraine"
Kung mahirap ka naman at sumakit ang ulo mo, ikaw ay "nalipasan ng gutom"

Kung mayaman ka, you are referred to as someone who is "scoliotic"
Pero kung mahirap ka, ikaw ay "kuba"

Kung ang senorita mo ay maitim, ang tawag ay "morena" o "sun tanned"
Pero kung isa kang domestic na maitim, ikaw ay "ita" o "negrita" o "baluga"

Kung nasa high society ka at ikaw ay maliit, ang tawag sa iyo ay "petite"
Kung mahirap ka lang, ikaw ay "pandak" o "bansot"

Kung socialite ka, ikaw ay "pleasingly plump"
Kapag mahirap ka, ika'y "tabatsoy" o "lumba-lumba"...pagminamalas ka, "baboy"

Kapag mayaman, "fasting" ang hindi kumain
Kung mahirap, "nagtitiis"

Kung well-off ka at date ka rito, date ka roon, ang tawag sa iyo ay
Kung mahirap ka, ikaw ay "pakawala" o "pok-pok"

Kung mayamang alembong ka, ang tawag sa iyo ay "liberated"
Pero kung isa kang dukha, ang tawag sa iyo "malandi"

Kapag mayaman, "misguided" o "spoiled" ka
Kung mahirap ka, "addict" o "durugista"

Kung may pera ka, ang tawag sa iyo "single parent"
Pero kung wala kang trabaho, ang tawag sa iyo "disgrasyada"

Kapag mayaman at sexy, "fashionable" daw
Kung mahirap, sigurado "GRO" o "japayuki" ka

Ang tawag sa mayayamang puro gulay ang kinakain, "vegetarian"
Habang kakaawa ang mahirap na " kumakain ng damo."

Sa exclusive school, "assertive" ang mga batang sumasagot sa mga guro
Pero pag ang mga mahihirap na bata ang sumasagot sa mga guro, ang tawag sa kanila ay "bastos!"

Ang mayamang tumatanda, "are graduating gracefully into senior citizenhood"
Ang mga mahihirap ay "gumugurang"

Ang anak ng mayaman ay "slow learner"
Ang anak ng mahirap ay "bobo" o "gung-gong"

Kung mayaman ka at marami kang kumain, you flatter your host who says,
"masarap kang kumain and I like you, you do justice to my cooking"
Kung ghastly peasant ka eating the same amount in the same house, your host will say to himself na ikaw ay "patay-gutom"

Kung graduate ka ng exclusive school at sa ibang bansa ka nagtatrabaho, ang tawag sa iyo "expat"
Kung mahirap ka lang, ikaw ay "contract worker"

Kung boss ka at binabasa mo ito sa office mo, "okay lang"
Pero kung ikaw ay hamak na empleyado lamang, ikaw ay" nagbubulakbol"...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tip of the Day

Beauty tip of the Day:

Bright eyes:

If you want to bring out the color of your eyes, avoid matching your eye shadow to their color. Use complementary colors or opposites instead.

How to Dump Someone

If you ever don't like your girlfriend or your boyfriend anymore heres some tips for you to follow not to hurt his/her feelings.

Why do we do it?

Before you dish the marching orders, work out why you want to ditch them. First,make a list of the reasons. Being clear about why you want out makes it easier to explain.

If you tell them straight, you'll save a lot of time and stress. Fob them off with made-up excuses and they'll be harder to shake off.

Second, choose your time,pick the right time to do it and don't delay. If you string them along they'll be double-gutted when you do chuck them.

When you're washing your hands of a long-term love, try to be tactful. Don't dump them the day before an exam, or on their birthday - even if they've done something really naughty.

Third,pick the right place. It's not a great idea to do it at their house. If they get weepy you don't need a mouthful from their mum or dad.

If you think they'll lose it, choose a public place in case things get out of hand.

Parties, or places where your mates hang out, are not a good choice. It's not cool to embarrass your future ex - everyone will think you're out of order.

When you're ready...

When it's time to do the deed, follow these simple dumping rules:

* Keep the stress levels low. There's no need to be cruel but don't go too soft either.
* Be direct, diplomatic and sensitive.
* Avoid getting too personal. They'll remember your words for a long time...
* Don't let them talk you out of it. You've thought about this long and hard and you know it's the right thing to do.

Remember: They'll be happier in the long run - and you'll both be free to go after someone brand new!

Visit this link to read more.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

How to be Happy


* STEP 1:
Dream big. Go out on a limb and pursue a life that interests you, not one others expect you to live.

* STEP 2:
Make a conscious decision to be happy. This is paradoxically the simplest and the most difficult aspect of the whole venture. As most cheery people will tell you, though, at some point they simply decided to be happy.

* STEP 3:
Have fun. (Seriously.) Get out there and do things that tickle your funny bone.

* STEP 4:
Live within your means so that you're not stressed out about money.

* STEP 5:
Take care of yourself,but focus on helping others. Living a meaningful life nurtures long-term happiness.

* STEP 6:
Find activities that ignite your passion--from orchids to inventions, discover what fires you up. Find a hobby, such as knitting, cooking, gardening or woodworking, to serve as a creative outlet.

* STEP 7:
Meet new people and experience places, near and far. Spend time in the wild soaking up the peace and tranquility found only in nature.

* STEP 8:
Slow down, turn off the phone and stop rushing. Be open to new experiences. Take time to notice what you have rather than what you don't. It's natural to feel discouraged at times--practice shifting your focus to what's positive.

* STEP 9:
Eat chocolate. Work out. Both will give you an endorphin rush (one just takes less effort). Getting regular exercise and staying fit will have you feeling great, staying healthy and looking marvelous.

* STEP 10:
Find satisfaction in simple things: Spend time with children and see the world through their eyes. Smell tiny babies, watch an ant trail with a toddler. Pick wild blackberries. Laugh. Eat ice cream. Turn up the music and dance! Visit Link for more.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fill in the blanks

Tweety ____ you because you ____ this.

Fill in the blanks, please. hehe. thanks so much in advance. (and oh please remember to be nice. hahahahha.)

1. I ____ Tweety.
2. Tweety is ____.
3. My first impression of Tweety is _____.
4. If I were alone in a room with Tweety, I would _____.
5. I think Tweety should _____.
6. Tweety needs ______.
7. Tweety intensely loves ______.
8. I love ______ with Tweety.
9. I want to ______ Tweety.
10. Someday Tweety will ________.
11. Tweety reminds me of _______.
12. Without Tweety __________.
13. Classic moments with Tweety are ________.
14. Tweety can be __________.
15. Worst thing about Tweety is _________.
16. The Best thing about Tweety is _________.
17. I am ________ with Tweety.
18. One thing I wish for Tweety is ___________.
19. I hope Tweety finds _____________.
20. One lesson I hope Tweety learns is ___________.
21. Tweety will always be ___________ to me/in my life.


Yes, finally I've been so busy all week that I haven't really been able to sit down in front of my laptop for long and actually write about stuff I have done and been thinking. and now I'm thinking it's been a week, a busy week for me here. And a quiet one about me from over there. Time flies so fast and I'm okey with it. It still hurts sometimes and I'm sad but it only lasts for a few minutes and no tears are shed.

Life goes on. We are all now going through different things in our lives. Some are happy. Some are in love. Some have things that bother them Some are sad. Some are busy. Some are lost. But we still all have each other. Despite distance, time and everything else in between.

I still have my friends. During the ups and downs in my life. Even when agreed with my choices or not. Even though I'm here. There would always be there for me. I know they got my back which is why I'm so blessed to have them. And I'll be forever thankful.

Thank you guys. You already know why.

3GB Community

There are times in our life that we need someone we can lean on and so we need friends in different places. So for all you guys who are interested in joining a friendship community, here’s a new and promising site, join 3gb community It’s a really cool way to meet new friends and keep in touch with old ones.

This community is not only a place for us to meet new and connect old friends, upload pictures, chatting by joining groups blogs like other communities, but it also has the mp3 feature. We can listen to songs inside this community by clicking the singer that is available there, a list of latest mp3 songs will be display on another screen.Like in my case that I love really love to listen songs so this a good idea then.One more thing is we can do multi tasking, like listen to songs and do uploading/chatting at the same time. I know that we all love that.

Another valuable asset of this network is the ease of use and the availability of people to interact with. At 3gb they have a chat system set up, for instant communication, where hundreds of people are online at anytime. You can have a blog, photo album and join and participate in your favorite group. adds both color and a style to each user’s blog. The user’s “flavor” also is adjusted to match the type of song that you chooses to use in his/her page. Instant personalization!

If listening to songs, blogging and making friends calls, all at the same time is your gig, 3gb communities is what you have been waiting for, so click to join 3gb community now.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

LIFE is.....

  • Life is a gift without any return as expected.
  • Life is flower that shines, then withers and falls off.

  • Life is a beauty that lies in the eyes of the beholder.

  • Life is a religion that requires confidence and devotion.

  • Life is a river which flows away and then dries out.

  • Life is color of excitement, shadows of remorse, repentance of guilt, tides of mood and situations.

  • Life is a book- every page revealing a new meaning to it.

  • Life is a lesson, precise, short and tempting.

  • Life is a candle which is dim enough to conceal unnecessary and what is beyond faculty; It sways with the gust of difficulty, rekindles and then extinguishes one day.

  • Life is a dove- white and clear, peaceful and sacred.

  • Life is also a pit of darkness, confusion, anger, sins and death.

  • Life is a curtain which swings with the blow of experiences, then folds up one day.

  • Life is a joke to be laughed at.

  • Life is a poem to be be-heartened.

  • Life is a forest to be explored.

  • Life is a pasture to be cultivated.

  • Life is a teacher.

  • Life is a tide that never returns.

  • Life is a glass which reflects what is given.

  • Life is a bed of thorns and roses.

  • Life is a phrase to be explained, understood, learnt.

  • Life is Wordsworth's daffodil, life is Shakespeare's love stories.

  • Life is your essays- that what you express.

  • Life is your speeches- its what you say; your thoughts because they become actions; explanations- since you teach what you have learn.

  • Life is words spoken. It's sometimes the brightness of the sun and then the colors of shadow.

  • Life is a food for a soul.

  • Life is gratefulness to God.

  • Life is learning what is right and wrong.

  • Life is a music that consoles.

  • Life is the love you give and take and behold.

Can anyone out there tell me what life is? They say it is the counter of death. You tell me what death is and I'll tell you what life is!

Remember- when you look through a blue glass everything appears blue, if through a red glass, all red and bright, if through a smoky one, everything appears to be sad and dull. It's up to you to color your life. But don't forget, it's just one life that we get to live and it's full of meaning.


Think Big! Take Risks! Love Life!

Dare to dream large. Never quit, go after what you want with a totally committed attitude. Remember life is so short that you must enjoy each and every moment.

Look at your fears, laugh, then move forward...
Accept responsibility for your actions and the type of person you want to be. Learn to love learning. Grow constantly. Embrace change willingly.

Never say never...
Think like a winner. Learn to love yourself, forgive yourself and be happy being who you are.

Surround yourself with positive messages and people...
Be in charge of your life only, let others be who they are. Be kind, think right about the other person, always expecting the best from them. Learn to be effective, not always right.

Include God in your life...
Thank him for all he has given you, your family and friends.

Be the type of friend you would like to have...
Make a difference to just one person, each and every day of your life, whether it be by a smile, a gentle touch, a kind word or a helping hand.
Learn to be flexible, few things are black and white and written in stone...

And above all, remember that people are much more important than things.


How much do you know about God?If God Had A Resume, What Would His Cover Letter
Look Like?

This is it...

To Whom It May Concern:

I heard you were considering a new manager in your life. I would like to apply for the job. I believe I am the most qualified candidate. I am the only one that has even done this job successfully.

I was the first manager of human beings. In fact I made them, so naturally I know how humanity works, and what is best to get people back into proper working condition. It will be like having the manufacturer as your personal mechanic.

If this is your first time considering me, I would just like to point out that my salary has already been paid by the blood of my son, Jesus on the cross of Calvary. What I need from you is the acknowledgment that the price is sufficient to pay for all of your sin and your independence from Me. I need you to believe this in your heart and to tell somebody else about your decision with your mouth.

The next thing I ask is the right to change and fix your life so you can learn how to stay close to Me. I will make some major changes and revisions. They are not for you to worry about. I need your permission to execute these changes, My way and in My time. I will change your desires and give you the strength to make the changes.

Please keep your hands out of the way. Don't try to help me and Don't resist me. I really do need your full commitment and cooperation. If you give me those, the process can go smoothly, without delays.

Yours Sincerely,

P.S. I created the heavens and the earth. I AM. BELOW IS MY RESUME...

All over, Every Place 00000
Phone: (123) 456-PRAY


From the beginning of time. Before the beginning of time. From everlasting to everlasting. I made time.

All Powerful


*Created the universe, put the galaxies in place, formed man.
*Established heaven and earth by My spoken Word and am currently holding up the world by My power.


*I AM and I have all knowledge.


Love, light, and life (1John 4:16, 1John 1:5, John 14:6).
A representative, but by no means conclusive list of other character traits follows:

* Wisdom - James 1:5
* Comfort - 2 Corinthians 1:3
* Truth - John 8:32
* Healer - 1 Peter 2:24
* Strength - Phil. 4:13
* Forgiveness - 1John 1:9
* Provider - Phil. 4:19
* Mercy - Ephesians 2:24
* Good - Matt. 19:17
* Peace - Romans 14:17


* Willing and ready to take over your life.
* Able to put your life together again.
* Will bring all of who I AM into your life.
* Can start now.
* Will transform your life if you let Me.


* Work in your life has already been paid for through the blood of My Son, Jesus.
* Your only responsibility is to commit initially and on a daily basis.
* To trust and obey what Jesus has done and wants to do in your life.

Other references available upon request.

Read more:Inspirational Stories

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kodak Moments

Moments were lost! Got any photos ruined by a stranger?

So you think you were the only one on the photo? Think again. Your Kodak moment was just ruined by a stranger.

Look at these photos and tell me if you had experienced something like it before.

I'm sure you had one! Click the photo for a bigger view.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Reasons to end Friendship

"People often outgrow their friends but hang on out of obligation. When this happens, it's best to leave each other behind", says Adam Lynn, Psy.D., a psychologist in New York City. Here are subtle clues it's time to shed your pal.

"Favors are guy currency," says Lynn. "It's how they express how much they care about each other." If your buddy is always busy when you need him most, or you don't bother soliciting his help anymore, the friendship may be in trouble.

You've gone from comrade to counselor. "It's no longer a two-way relationship," says Lynn. Dump him or start charging by the hour.

"In contrast to women, who emphasize emotional closeness, men have friendships based on activities they do together," says Koji Ueno, Ph.D., an assistant professor of sociology at Florida State University. If you no longer make time for each other, the friendship is doomed.

"His frat-house antics aren't as hilarious now that you're 35 with two kids," says Lynn. "That's because you're in different life stages now." Related sign: You talk only about the old days.

Guys base friendships on whether the other person has their back. "When trust erodes, the friendship follows," says Lynn.

Men tend to pair up, friendwise, based on background and status. "If one friend suddenly gets a higher-paying job," says Ueno, "that could put the friendship on thin ice."

"Women judge relationships by whether they're socially appropriate," says Lynn, "so she'll be able to tell right away if the only thing holding your friendship together is the past."

Thanks to

Sunday, April 6, 2008

And u calling me colored?

I was checking my messages on my old cellphone, the phone I got when I was still in Pinas, then one message that I have saved is this. This touching little poem, reportedly written by an African child was nominated for the Best Poem in 2005.

Wen i born, i black.
Wen I grow up, i black.
Wen I scared, i black.
Wen i sick, i black.
When i die, i still black.
And u white fella, wen u born, you pink.
Wen u grow up, u white.
Wen u go in the sun, u red.
Wen u cold, u blue.
Wen u scared, u yellow.
Wen u sick, u green.
Wen u die, u gray.

And u calling me colored?


Stop blogging? I'm only kidding.

Why do I blog? I could only think of ten reasons for now.

1. There is fun to it.
2. To have an outlet for anything.
3. To know what others think. Their opinions matter.
4. To learn the life of friends who have started blogging these days.
5. To see how weird this world can be.
6. To gain blogger friends.
7. To realize that this information superhighway can be educational and inspirational at the same time.
8. To critic other bloggers.
9. To be known to the blogosphere that I exist.
10. To know that others write crazy things about their crazy life.

There are specific blogs that I visit everyday. And I will continue blogging because in this blogosphere, everyone is equal and is reserved a space.

Best of luck to all of us bloggers.

Century Tuna....

A century tuna, Philippine product my fave "pampalipas ng gutom and simpleng sud-an" too. Being independent and working before in Cebu City Phil., century tuna is my emergency "sud-an", why? affordable, yummy and ready to eat. I love it with my fave skyflakes cracker as a snack and having a cup of coffee.

Now, what's the story behind this century tuna?

I just paid my due rent and knowing I need to wait one more week for a payday. I do not cook and I call myself "flies" having my meals at the food chains, or carinderia. During payday I like on feast at some expensive restaurants in Cebu with my friends. But not all the time was a happy and lucky time. I'm out of budget and need to wait for the pay day.

It was Sunday, meaning most of the carinderias near my place are close. To add that I was running out of budget. 'Twas the moment that tested my being ME, so what I did I got all my coins on my piggy bank, and budget budget what's for lunch. So I came up with the idea to get century tuna, noodles and rice. When I was on my way already to get home bringing with my century tuna, I never noticed that there were some boys running towards me. Then one of them accidentally bang in front of me. Unfortunately I dropped the century tuna and rolled into a small hole directly to the drainage.

I was shocked! The boy just ran away. "Goodbye, century tuna!" I told myself.. I was eating then my noodles and rice.. Hahhaha!!! Century tuna is gone! Pay day comes,I told my friend to go out with me and we went to nice restaurant and ordered all we want to eat. A great Feast!!!

I couldn't forget this tuna experience.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Love Ever After


When I was younger, I wanted a fairy tale. I'm a certified fairy-tale junkie and I've always love happy endings and I often envision myself of having one someday. Back then, I thought I just needed my prince to come and rescue me and we shall live happily ever after. I honestly thought a certain perfect love exists.

The first time I fell in love, it seemed everything was beautiful. I was so happy that I thought my dream had finally come true, I have my prince and my happy ending. But as years passed by, I was awaken by the cruel realization that my fairy tale is only but a joke. I felt deceived and betrayed, that my happy ending ain't no happy at all. My first love turned out to be the most painful event in my life.

Most often than not young loves are more hopeful... more naive... I was blinded by so much love that I failed to see that it was all in my fantasy. After my first heartbreak, I remembered crying an ocean of tears and I felt my heart breaking, literally. I lost faith in love. Nothing seemed to work out the way I hoped they would. Love broke my heart and shattered my dreams. There's no magic, certainly not a fairy tale. I guess my broken heart made me forget of what love really is. Love after all, is a mystical feeling, even in the depths of one's soul can never comprehend. It is something profound and indeed powerful.

It's a heavenly feeling to love and be loved. Some are lucky to find true love and be able to keep it. Some will just continue dreaming, hoping that one day love will come into their lives. But some do spend their whole lives waiting. I don't know what destiny had in store for me, but lately I am starting to have faith in love again. I am starting to believe that God only wants the best for me and He wants me to be happy. Love doesn't always carry with it a guarantee of happiness. It can be the most beautiful feeling anyone can experience but it can also bring severe pain. It can wound our hearts and leave it bleeding for a long time. If you're idea of love is something perfect, if you're looking for a fairy tale. I'm sorry but it's definitely not here.

But hey, the pain love brings should not make us bitter but better persons.

Let us not be afraid to fall in love, as the saying goes "it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all." I've stopped looking for love for I'm so tired of the chase before. I just can't bear to lose again. My frail heart just couldn't handle another heartbreak so that time I'm giving love the chance to find me before and I have immense faith in God that He alone has the best laid plans in my life.

And now,I'm happily married "My Ever After" may not be a fairy tale but I know I'll "lived happily ever after".

Online Dating

Looking for someone who you seriously want to be with is not as easy as like picking your clothes. They are not just going to appear at the door and ask you to go out if there are no moves made from both parties. Well,I have thought that it is interesting to alternatively look into another channel to find someone, which is going through the dating sites.

Some people have this negative view about online dating sites. Why?! Because they simply say that it is not safe. There are risks, of course. However, please do not forget that there are many cases that oftentimes the people we meet in person be it in the club, shopping malls, at work, through a friend or anywhere is not what they seem to be. The process is still the same that is to get to know the people well.

In short, everywhere is alike and there is no harm to go and check the free dating site if you are interested in. I met my hubby on the internet and he his perfectly normal in a sense that he is just like I am who are looking for companion. Well, not only me, but I know many friends that are happily married with their partners that they met on the internet, as I am right now..very happy and contented.

Best luck on your search!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Preschool Teacher

It’s been a while that I didn’t blog, it was because I was busy and also I was just too excited to work again. Yes, I’m working now. Just last Monday, was my first day of work. I’m a lead Teacher in K1 and in toddlers. I just can’t help myself to celebrate that I will be working again. When the director called me last Sunday and told me that I am hired I really jumped for joy and I thanked God so much. I know this is His entire plan.

The school where I’m teaching is not far from where I live. It will only take 10 minutes drive, see how close it is. Lit’l Munchkins Child Care is the name of the school. We have toddlers up to Preschoolers.

LOGAN and ME!! cute kaayo oi..he's 2 years old

NANCY and ako..

On my first day of work I was then so eager to meet my students. I work 8 hours a day. My first class is the toddlers, they are about 2 to 3 years old. Wow, they are so cute. What do we do is we play, read stories, and take a nap. Just that easy. On my next session are my K1 class, they are from ages 3-4. In this class they are more responsive and you can communicate well with them.

The twins, PATRIA(left)and PATRICIA(RIGHT)..Nancy(center) Snack time!


The job is easy, they play, study and rest. But, you know that kids are always kids. You know how they behave, but all I can say is that if you don’t have patience with them then don’t be a teacher, that’s the only key you must have. Thank God, He gave me that gift.

So, best luck for me.