Thursday, May 29, 2008

ARGAO: There's no Place like HOME!

I was born in Argao. The far-flung town has yet to be swayed by civilization and advancement, or exploitation perhaps.In this southern part of Cebu, Philippines, houses are situated beneath green slopes, mostly concealed under a lush shade which seems to have existed long before my great-grandfathers. My own home lies up the field, a kilometer or so away from the town proper and across meadows.

The Church and the Park...

Inside Argao Church

The Hall of Justice...

So what’s worthy of reminiscence in hometown with no street shops filled with popular goods, or karaoke bars or KTV’s to spend the night away in? Sizzling disco houses are still big dreams for the place even.

Bats circle the trees at night. Unpaved roads are traversed on barefoot. Pedicabs and trisikads [3-wheeled vehicles] roam the place. Horses gallop in unison. And where can you find five persons clinging to just one motorcycle, holding their breath as it dashes along a rocky trail? Dozens of these motorcycles convey commuters from the lowlands to our version of the Himalayas.

The people beat the sunrise, feed their hogs and chickens, tend the farms, and wash clothes in the nearby riverside spring. They don’t worry about the water supply being cut off due to an unpaid bill.

They cross roads, minus the fear of parting with a hard-earned P20 bill for jaywalking. Anyone is free to paint the town red, without fear of catching respiratory diseases from smoke-belching vehicles. And if one happens to be along the shore on early mornings, he may give fishermen a hand and go home with kilos of fish, free of charge.

Many years ago, I left for the city to earn a degree and to unload a 16-year-old boredom with my hometown. I wanted to make a difference in my life, to pursue my dreams. It’s a different thing seeing Angelina Jolie or Rambo kicking big on the big screen, or maybe going shopping till you drop, or at least checking out the latest craze in town. I longed for the pleasure the city had to offer.

The Beach..

But one day, I went hiking with a couple of friends in one of the exploited mountains in the metropolis. Terrible it was. The royal blue sky hovering over the city was partly covered with dark fumes. The city below and its wonders – towers and skylines, crowded streets, entertainment centers – seemed to be compressed into a small space.

In the vicinity were trees that offered no shade. Birds could not sing. Butterflies hungered for flowers. Lizards panted for rain. It was very hot.

At that very instant, I was reminded of home.

I used to climb our chico tree, lanzones tree, guava tree, manggo tree with my brother Noel, Eric and Jeffrey when we were still in grade school. Those tress are still there, with the birds that fly in summer skies, mountains that never fail to give a hush-hush morning greeting, and water in abundance.

I emptied myself into the city, then came to love a place I should have always loved. Home.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cockfighting in the Philippines

What do you know about cockfighting? In Philippines we call it "SABONG" Just this moment while I was browsing the net I remember my friend of mine who really loves cockfighting. And so my Dad too. As far as I can remember every Sunday my Dad always tells my Mom that he will go for Sunday's school. And on that young age of mine I don't know what does Sunday's school means. I ask myself, "Is there a class on Sunday's?".

Well, as time goes by I know what does that "Sunday's School" means. It's every Sunday's that my Dad goes for Cockfighting.It's my Dad's past time. Cockfighting is a centuries-old blood sport in which two or more specially bred birds, known as gamecocks, are placed in an enclosure to fight, for the primary purposes of gambling and entertainment. A cockfight usually results in the death of one of the birds; sometimes it ends in the death of both. A typical cockfight can last anywhere from several minutes to more than half an hour. Yes, its kind of cruel game. But it is one of the Philippines' national sports.

A quick view of how a Farm looks like...

Many Filipinos would gamble on the cockfight.My friend way back in Pinas they got this farm (SPRING WATER GAMEFARM)of fighting cocks. The Cocks in their farm are treated like humans. They would feed them, give vitamins, and give them a shower. If the cock has been injured, but still alive, they would usually use it for reproduction. For fighting they would use gloves in an illegal fight, but would use blades in the legal fights. Well, its a good business too.

Here's my friend with his fighthing cock!

That's Khazim, my friends nephew..Wow, it runs in their blood..he loves cocks already..

Well, here in States cockfighting is illegal in all, and it is a felony. Besides being cruel to animals, cockfighting is closely connected to other crimes like gambling, drug dealing, illegal firearms sales and even homicide.

I think that every country have different views of cockfighting. Anyhow, I have witnessed by my two eyes how this cocks fight and its kind of cool. As long as the persons knows whats he's been dealing with then I think there's no problem at all.

By the way, my Dad till now still go to his "Sunday's School". Wanna be his "CLASSMATE"...enrollment still going on!!! And you are always welcome as long as you are in legal age, okey?

Gray Cat and the Squirell

Yesterday while my hubby and I cooked our barbecue at our backyard, we were so amused seeing our cat Bugs starring straight to the squirrel while the squirrel was eating some bird food on the ground. Our cat was trying to figure it out how can he catch that little squirrel. I am so surprised when he ran and chase the squirrel as fast and how quick he goes.

The squirrel climbed up to the tree and then our cat just do the same thing, and we were both laughing seeing it. Since he cant climb that far as the squirrel goes he jumped down and looked up the tree and the squirrel started to bark at him, as if telling him " Hey, come and get Me".

It was really a great day seeing our cat behaves that way. We really love our cat.

Here he is....

He's trying to get ready for the attack!!!

There He goes!!!

This a funny scene!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

US Presedential Candidates: Funny clip

I found this video and its so interesting and funny. Since its almost election time here in US I think that this video could help people to take a pause in a little while and then give a smile on their faces. Enjoy the clip!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lincoln Theater in Belleville IL

Just today I watch movie with my hubby in Lincoln Theater . It is my first time to go out to watch movie in here since I just enjoy watching movie at home with my DVD movies. I am a movie fanatic when I was still in Pinas. I never miss every new movie that is showing way back in Pinas. I enjoy the place, the company with close friends and the most especially after watching movie I always make sure that we will have coffee break.

Since its been awhile that I was not able to watch movie in a theater,so we went to Lincoln Theater. The theater is kind of old. I was surprised because I was expecting that it would be like in the movie theater in Pinas. Yes, its an old building, it was opened on October 6, 1921 with four acts of vaudeville and a silent movie, “The Old Nest”, the Lincoln Theatre soon became the premier theatre in all of southern Illinois. It is Located on Main Street in historic downtown Belleville, only 1 block from the fountain and square where I went to see the Art show last weekend.

But when you get inside the movie house it’s so clean and then it’s nice and spacious. Lots of people were watching movie too. Well, it costs $6 each and then we got large popcorn 2 large drinks. Wow, it was really satisfying and when I was sitting down and watching the movie, I feel strange maybe because it was my first time to be with American people watching movie. But I am very happy to be with my hubby and I pretty sure that both of us love the movie

By the way we watch “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A yearbook of smoking pots and drinking beer

A yearbook is a book that records, highlights, and commemorates the past year of a school or the different year levels. As in the case of my high school batch before, which I served as one of the editors, the yearbook included the individual photographs of my classmates, information on our activities and other events that highlighted our high school life. What about this one? This yearbook from a high school in Denver Colorado, however, shows teens drinking and smoking pot - photos of students smoking marijuana and drinking beer.

Looks interesting huh!

Hannah Fredrickson, the senior who served as yearbook editor, said she regrets not balancing the yearbook pictures of teenagers smoking pot with pictures of non-drug users. She also said she is sorry about not warning her principal. She also said people need to know what is going on.

The yearbook has drawn ire from parents and administrators. The school offered to take back yearbooks and give refunds.

Amy McTague, the teacher who supervises the yearbook production, sent a letter of apology to parents.

5.11 Tactical Series

Are you having a hard time to look for a Tactical Clothing items? Having problem what and where to look for?

Now I can help you and lead you to 5.11 Tactical Series. It creates superior products that enhance the safety, accuracy, speed and performance of law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals.

Built on a foundation of durability, quality and value, 5.11 Tactical gear leads the industry by delivering functionally innovative gear, head to toe. LA Police Gear is proud to be 5.11 Tactical's #1 stocking dealer in the world!

So what are you waiting for, go and visit the site and get what you want in a satisfying mood.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Little Munchkins School

I have a great time today with my kids.I really love my kids in school, they are so cute and very sweet. They are just 1 year old but they can already tell somethings that they want. They are called toddlers. Well, sometimes when they mad since they could not express what they want to say, they scream and they run to me and cried. Some of them can do baby talk and so smart.

As I look at them and be with them everyday, I also like longing to have my own kid soon. Even if they sometimes give me some headache, but still I do love them so much. They are angels in my sight.

I got pictures for you.. my Little Munchkins...

Her name is Grace, she's very pretty and smart!!

On my right hand is Yaretzi and on my left hand is Kaylee..

Its Brooke!

And its Terrence on my right and DaShaun on my left..

Popsicle Treat!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

BDU Pants

It's been so common now a days that people go to military services and I really love to see military men wearing BDU. They look so cool and so gorgeous. But I guess some of them are in hard time to find good stuffs for them

So I may suggest LA Police Gear shop. It is a business founded by, yes, policemen from L.A. Thus, the name.

The business has grown and changed greatly over the years and now serves the general public, military personnel, security professionals, and of course police officers!

What can one get buying from them? Only three important factors: extremely fast shipping, low prices, and outstanding service! What more can one ask for?

LA Police Gear is the answer to the need of everything.

Art in the Square

I know its been awhile that I never blog. I was just too tired last week and I'm not feeling better too. I think its all because of the weather that just so horrible. Just like in the morning the sun comes out but then in the afternoon rains poured down and I hate it. It made me sick. Anyhow, this weekend I have a great time with my hubby.

Yesterday, we went to the Art in the Square here in Belleville.We go around the gorgeous fountain in beautiful downtown Belleville, Illinois. Admission was free to the public thanks to the official sponsors.

What is Art on the Square? It is ranked #1 (Art Fair Source Book 2008) art shows in the nation. In its seventh year, the art show hopes to once again attract over 85,000 people to view the work of outstanding artist and fine craftsmen. A premier event in the metro-east region, the show offers visitors the chance to meet exhibiting artist, enjoy family entertainment, children's workshops, taste fine cuisines and take a walk through our historic neighborhoods.

It was fun to see people around and I came to appreciate the beauty of Art. I love to paint, to draw, to sketch but I just don't have much time to do it as really others people do. But as long as I have this special gift well it will stay with me forever.

Heres some pictures I have taken in our walk to the Art Of the Square.

Monday, May 12, 2008

KFC.. I got you!

Yes, I was really still thinking about Jollibee Chicken Joy right now. But see what I got for dinner tonight. I got KFC!! It feels good to eat food in here that we also have in Philippines. Well, maybe the name could be different cause its Jollibee and then its KFC but still its chicken.

It's my first time actually to eat KFC chicken here since I arrived here in USA. Wow!! the taste is really so good and really yummy. And the size of the chicken is so huge and then they got two side dish, a smash potato and coleslaw.

Heres the pics:

Still in the Bag:

Still in pack!!

It's KFC!!!

I'm ready for dinner!!

I am really enjoying my dinner, and its really true. Can't you see my face?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Jollibee, can't help to think about it..

Today my hubby and I were busy cleaning our yard. Wow, we have a nice weather today. So I'm so happy that I can wear my favorite shorts. I do the lawn mowing and then I cut the grasses. My hubby rake the leaves and then clean our cars.

It was a little tiring since we have a big backyard and I do all the lawn mowing. But I find it easy and fun. As I remember way back in my hometown in(ARGAO)Pinas, I never use this kind of machines that I'm using right now. I just used "bolo" or "guna" to do all the yard work. But there were even times that I will use my bare hands to clean. Unlike in here just a click and then everything will be just so easy.

So after the yard work my hubby asked me what I want to eat for dinner and I said I want Jollibee "nyahahha" wish ko lang!!...I miss that food so much. I am fastfood lover when I was still in Pinas. I love to eat any fast food, especially JOLLIBEE!!! Lasang Pinoy , malinamnam at masarap'yum'. so when my hubby heard my reply he laugh so loud and then he said he can take me to McDonalds cause its just almost the same like Jollibee. But then I refuse I said lets just make Chicken Barbecue for dinner. So we did. and after eating I cant still help myself to think about Jollibee..

So to all my online friends who live in California ..please send me some jollibee 'have pity on me'...pretty please , LOL!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

A friend of mine send me this photos and I find it cute and funny.. can you tell the photo you like best?? LOL

Get Licked!!

Can you tell the resemblance ?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Nike Human Shoes

BLOGGERS!! a quick news for us. The Nike Human shoes is now available in all stores around the world and you can get your pairs now if you have a million bucks "hahahhah". I thought, this photos pretty cool and freaky. I am not sure if I will buy some and I don't have a million bucks anyway.

I am done here for tonight and I have to go to bed now. I'm sleepy now cause I got a tough day at work today.

Good night guys and sweet dreams !

Fruit Graving

Lanzones (Buwahan)..


Guava (Bayabas)..


I wish I may I wish I might...make my wish come true tonight " maybe in my dreams" hahahha. I am dying to have some of the above fruits so bad, it's hard for me not to have them once in awhile even from a can. I grew up with fruits because we have trees in our small land and anywhere in the market fruit stand back home you can find them.

I miss the lanzones so much, cause we have lots of lanzones tress just behind our house. On the month of October is the season for lanzones so all the lanzones trees bear fruits and I enjoy climbing and get some of it. I miss that experience. The Sireguellas is yummy and fun to eat because you can throw the seed to your enemy when you have nothing to do and the guava (bayabas) yumyum with asin (salt) just don't eat too much so you will not have to spend too much in the potty, hahahha..and the Citrus is good if you have colds.