Friday, September 25, 2009

So Gross!

What could be more gross than seeing a dead rotten cadaver? Yeah,I could not imagine seeing such a thing in reality for it really is gross.Well,that is what my husband thought yesterday when he responded to a call about a house that stinks so bad.Big flies flying around the windows,lots of them and some of them are dead.

The very first indication that someone have had died in that house for a long time is the strong stinky foul smell coming from the inside plus the flies! Yucks! So he went inside,could not stand the smell,dead rats were all over the floor.Despite of that he still looked around,opened the refrigerator and the freezer.That is where the smell coming from.When he opened the freezer,lots of roaches crawling into his arm and he saw a tray of meat,rotten,color white covered with maggots! Yucks!!

Then,he stayed there longer going inside each room of the house looking for a dead body but there's none.How he wished he did not stay there longer for he feels the smell is all over him.He wished that a burglar would come and clean up the house himself before taking some of the valuable things left in that house.

The story of that house is it is COMPLETELY ABANDONED by the owner.The wife and the 3 kids left the abusive and sick husband.Then the irresponsible husband just let all the bills piled up not paying them for months and eventually the companies for water,electricity and etc cut it off and so he left also.

People in here are just so screwed up!!

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Folding clothes or doing dishes?

I don't mind doing any other chores at home except these two, washing dishes and folding clean clothes. They take too long to finish you know but heck no one is around to do these things in my behalf. Heck, the most dreaded chores I wanna do yet I keep doing them everyday of my existence here on Earth, why is that?

When my husband arrived home from work tonight, the dryer was still running but the clothes that were drying were almost done and so he just stopped the dryer from running and finished the job himself. I was planning of folding the clothes tomorrow but what he did? He took them out and laid them all on the bed.

When I went to the bedroom to get something, all I could find was the clothes neatly scattered on our bed and I uttered, I am not ready to do this tonight, why did he bring 'em all in here??? Duhhhhh had no choice but did the folding of our clothes. I felt relieved afterward for I don't have to think about it tomorrow.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

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Sex in Space! Try the Impossible!

You think it is impossible? Think again. According to a study by Laura Woodmansee sex-in-space revolution is about to begin. She is about to release a book entitled "Sex in Space", and she came up with the conclusion that honeymoons in space and out-of-this-world sex will be a reality within a decade.

Here's what she said:

"Some people believe that space sex will be a frustrating experience and that lovers will give up. No way! Weightless couples will find a way to get together. I've written an entire chapter in my Sex in Space book where I suggest ways to, shall we say, accomplish things, but it's too much to cover here. I'm not advocating that people go into space and have casual sex. I'm advocating that people take romantic vacations in space with their significant other, preferably their soul mate. The bottom line is that sex in space will probably take some practice and hard work at first. Since people are very creative, I have no doubt that it will make for a wonderful otherworldly experience."

"Sex in space will happen, and therefore it's a legitimate topic to explore. The sex drive is a basic part of our nature. It drives sex and love, the expansion of our families, and even our exploration of the unknown. We can't afford to be ashamed of sex. That will only prevent us from looking into the risks and possibilities. If we are to follow our hearts and create a civilization in space, we will need to address the possibilities of sex and reproduction in Earth orbit and beyond. Think about it, the first space babies will be space aliens in some ways."

"The sex in space revolution is about to begin, and that's wonderful. But before it does, we need to be sure that we know what we're doing. I call on all the space agencies, especially NASA, to do more testing. It would be easy, for example, to test the blood of women astronauts who are on oral contraceptives while in space to measure the drug's effectiveness in orbit. If the space agencies are unwilling, then it's up to the personal spaceflight companies to take responsibility before sending couples on orbital honeymoons."

What a dream come true to make love with someone you hold dear with a view of the Earth below! So are you ready for a zero-gravity sex?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Estee Lauder Amber Ylang Ylang

More Amber than Ylang Ylang on me in the beginning, which is fine, this time of the year. The ripe, creamy floral note is certainly there, it softens the sweet amber and lends it a wonderully boozy quality. Holidays are coming , so bring on the booze! I find the scent to be very simple, quite literally just the two title notes with maybe a hint of spice in the background, but that is OK with me: the best comfort scents are usually simple. As the Scent progresses, ylang ylang becomes more apparent and, as it turns slightly more floral, the perfume transforms from sensual-comforting into ladylike-elegant (still retaining all the ambery warmth).

If Amour Le Parfum was a cashmere shawl, Amber Ylang Ylang is a chocolate-colored velvet dress, the kind that catches your eye not because of the abundance of details but, on the contrary, because of its simple form and the richness of the fabric. The second success in the Private Collection series.

Q and A

I'm kind of tired to think of what to blog about as filler, so I decided to do this.

(1. Had a beer with?

>>> Last time I had a bottle of beer was in 2007(?). Yes not that long..and why do I remember such a thing? Because it was my despidida party before I came here to US.

(2. Went to the movies with?

>>>> Once again this was 2008. I remember my hubby and I were watching 007( the latest one) because it was the LAST!!! Can you believe that. I was pregnant when the baby came, we just opted not to go to the movies.

(3. Went to the mall with?

>>>>> Ah this was just last month. I was with my little one Leanna.

(4 . Talked on the phone with?

>>>> My husband.

(5. Made you laugh?

>>>>just few hours ago..hmm...well, my husband or the daughter..

(6 . You hugged?

>>> My daughter and my hubby before we went to bed.

(7. You yelled at?

>>>>> far


(1. Pierce your nose or tongue?

>>>> Why will I do that? I have all the holes in my body that I need..

(2 . Be serious or be funny?

>>>> Depends on the situation. Mostly funny nowadays since I don't get to mingle with other people but family.

(3. Drink whole or skim milk?

>>>> Whole...

(4 . Die in a fire or get shot?

>>>>> Again, why????? But if I really have to choose, get shot..quick and easy.


(1. Sun or moon?

>>> Day - sun, Night - moon....kaya mo yun?

(2. Winter or Fall?

>>> Fall

(3. Left or right?

>>>> Left or right what? I guess right.

(4. Sunny or rainy?

>>>> When I'm in the house, rainy is fine. But when I need to be out there, sun is good.

(5. Peach or Pear?

>>>> Mango?? I don't care for those 2 fruits, sorry.

(6. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?

>>>> cut spaghetti!!

(7.Do You Cook?

>>>> Yes I do...everyday. sometimes 3x a day.

(8. Current mood?

>>>Serious, cause I'm blogging.

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Leanna Erika on her bouncer!

My daughter had done such great achievement of living on Earth for 5 months and 21 days so far. I keep track of all the progress she've made so that when she wants to know all about her in the future I have a record of them all here in my blog.

Anyways,I want share this picture that I took the other day.This is how she loves her bouncer. Shes so happy and excited every time I put her in here . She's really enjoying on her bouncer and she really focuses on me while I took her a picture Ah!truly she's not a camera shy.

I can't think of anything else to post here anymore.Just keep track of my baby's progress guys and you'll find out that she is a healthy baby you've seen.She's not fat and not malnourished either. She's just a one cute little girl.

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