Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Friendship that last forever

"What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies". - Aristotle

How much do you consider someone you can call a friend? Its so difficult to give the meaning of this simple word "FRIEND".They say,different people have different definitions of friendship. For some, it is the trust in an individual that he / she won't hurt you. For others, it is unconditional love. There are some who feel that friendship is companionship. People form definitions based on the kind of experiences they have had. This is one relation that has been nurtured since times immemorial. They say a person who has found a faithful friend has found a priceless treasure.

But the kind of friendship I found with my Korean friend is different. A friendship that really true and real. They say its too difficult to involve a foreign friend because you are unfamiliar with someone else's race, culture, customs, and traditions you can be offensive and not mean to be.

It was not difficult for me then.Since I'm working in a Korean Academy then I started to learn about their culture. There are things that people do without thinking about them that are just apart of their culture and customs. Knowing about the beliefs and reasons behind the customs of your friends of a different race or culture will help with your friendship. The better we know and the better we understand someone else's culture, the better your friendship will be.

Being friends with someone of a different race or culture is much like being friends with someone of a different religion. Until you take the time to understand what they believe, and how they feel about things, it can be hard to understand one another. However, once you reach an understanding, a good, lasting, and easy friendship will be able to blossom, and you will just know that there will be some disagreements, some differences in opinions, customs, etc., but all in all a great friendship.

Now, I will share this to you a video made by a Korean friend of mine who was studying in our Academy. He's name was Kerry,(CHOI CHANG MIN). With this video that he made for me I cried and I was touched and I told him that I would never forget him till time passes by.He's a good man and very smart. All positive traits that a man should have was in him. I hope to see him soon. He's now in Korea studying hard to have better future in life.

Please open this www.jsjhinks.multipy.com. and click my Video.
and you will see what I'm talking about.And tell me if it never touches your soul.

May this blog inspires other people of treasure friendship forever, cause even if I'm here and he's thousand miles from me, we still keep in touch each other.



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