Friday, July 11, 2008

Blog Addiction

As of this writing, I am busy talking with my younger brother back in the Philippines via yahoo messenger. Look what technology can do to a long distance communication between families and friends!Well for those who have BF or GF from abroad it is not easy to maintain a long distance relationship, but this free service from yahoo makes everything so easy for the two. I do not know how much is Yahoo earning from such offering. One thing is certain though, many have seen the good side of it, including me and and my family in Philippines.

I am stuck here in our couch and thinking how much coffee or tea will I need tonight to get away with this boredom . I cannot understand what has become of this being inside of me that aloneness sometimes could almost always mean a trip to my favorite coffee bar. It is not addiction, oh please!

The condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or involved in something is addiction, as defined by some authors. Then in that case, I am not compulsively occupied with coffee. Yippee! an addict I am not. Strictly taking everything into consideration, however, probably I am. No. Not with coffee, but with this WWW thing.

You see I spent most of my time writing daily in my blog,checking mails,chat with friends, and surf in the net that I maintain. I do not get much anything from it ( financially) aside from the sole satisfaction that only myself could enjoy. If that is addiction, let it be. Call me a blog addict -- an addict who never tires to do his 'legal' job.

I never get tired even at some evenings that I found myself enjoying the entries and comments I get from readers. Thanks to them, though, they make me love my addiction more.

Whether I am a blog addict or not, the fact that many are touched by the heart-warming articles resulting from such addiction, that is what counts. This blogging technology is giving me fun time, just as I am talking to my brother with the Yahoo voice chat!

It's more than 2 hours since I started chatting. It is more than 2 hours of addiction to YM.

I already smell the aroma of the coffee brew. Got to go!


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