Monday, July 7, 2008

Hide ‘N’ Seek : A game of love.

Did you think, what a surprise would be when you open up your favorite book and find a hand written not that says, "I love you". Three little words scribbled on a piece of paper. It will be enough to him/her that he could find your love on that piece. Yes, the result will be amazing. This game can be called Hide ‘N’ Seek.

Did you ever play such a game with your partner? If you not yet played, Then play now. Write some words in piece of paper, and hide in your partner’s book. Don’t say anything about it. Then, when your lover opens that book, He will see your beautiful scrap. Indeed, I assure you, he/she would realize your love, and she/he will feel most comfortable with you. In addition, he/she will be always willing for your intimacy. That’s the Hide ‘N’ Seek.

This game also be played in a different way. That, write some thing on a little piece of paper, you need it would be done in front of your partner. Then hide it in some other places, and say him/her, that scrap was about him/her and challenge him to find. He would be very enthusiastic about that scrap, and indeed, he will find it. He/she could see some precious words scribbled on a piece of paper...what a simple way to make his or her day.


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