Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sun Screen: On summer Time

Most people think that by having a natural dark skin, they are protected against the sun.

But the truth is, they’re not!
It is true that dark skin provides some protection against sun damage.
People with light skin types have a much higher incidence of skin cancer than to people with dark complexion. But dark skin is not a guarantee against skin cancer.

Yes, you read it right.
No one is exempted.
With too much exposure of the sunlight, it leads to more skin damage and further darkening as it has harmful ultraviolet rays.
I know you are aware that the sun can harm your skin and increase your chance of long-faced consequences, including skin cancer.

Scary huh?

Though it's not the only safeguard you need to take, but sunscreen is one of the easiest ways to protect you against pigmentation and it is a best first line of defense

Okay...okay, you got it!
I’m just making sure you're with me.
Now your asking what ingredients to look for in a sunscreen?
Simple! Here we go.

* Select a broad-spectrum products because it provides protection against UVA which is responsible for aging and UVB radiations, the one causes burning.
* Look for an ingredient labels like oxybenzone, sulisobenzone, avobenzone (Parsol 1789), ecamsule, titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.
* Look for sunscreens that are water resistant, which offers some protection against washing off in water or when perspiring heavily.
* If you have sensitive skin, look for sunscreen that doesn't contain potential allergens, such as fragrances or dyes, and is specifically designed for your type of skin.
* Look at the expiration date. Mostly you can find it at the back or at the bottom part of the tube.

That's pretty it. :-)


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