Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weather, Weather...

Yes, the weather is nice in here in our place. I just can't wait to be warmer and warmer everyday. It's been awhile that I was able to blog cause I am just too tired after work and I just want to lay down and rest.

Just the other day, my hubby and I cleaned our front yard. And it was my first time to be wearing shorts in here. since i got here I always wear jeans, thick clothes cause the weather is cold. I always complain to my hubby about the He will just tell me just wait, and we will have nice weather soon, very soon.

Well.. of course "nagpatong gyud ko ani ug silya kay cute baya ko"..

It was last Thursday that we put on our Sun Shade in front of our house since every afternoon the sun rays hits in our front house and it enters our living room. So, I helped then to put on that sun shade. Then, cleaned it by myself with soap and water and a brush. It was tiring but I really enjoyed doing it.

I'm waiting for a more nice weather soon..


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At April 27, 2008 at 10:05 PM, Blogger UncleJosh said...

so free to clean your plans eh... :) enjoying the heat?
darn in msia, it's often HOT or WET


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