Sunday, April 13, 2008

3GB Community

There are times in our life that we need someone we can lean on and so we need friends in different places. So for all you guys who are interested in joining a friendship community, here’s a new and promising site, join 3gb community It’s a really cool way to meet new friends and keep in touch with old ones.

This community is not only a place for us to meet new and connect old friends, upload pictures, chatting by joining groups blogs like other communities, but it also has the mp3 feature. We can listen to songs inside this community by clicking the singer that is available there, a list of latest mp3 songs will be display on another screen.Like in my case that I love really love to listen songs so this a good idea then.One more thing is we can do multi tasking, like listen to songs and do uploading/chatting at the same time. I know that we all love that.

Another valuable asset of this network is the ease of use and the availability of people to interact with. At 3gb they have a chat system set up, for instant communication, where hundreds of people are online at anytime. You can have a blog, photo album and join and participate in your favorite group. adds both color and a style to each user’s blog. The user’s “flavor” also is adjusted to match the type of song that you chooses to use in his/her page. Instant personalization!

If listening to songs, blogging and making friends calls, all at the same time is your gig, 3gb communities is what you have been waiting for, so click to join 3gb community now.


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