Saturday, August 16, 2008

Trying to be is the first step to be!

There are times when I find my self powerless and helpless. There are boundaries around that I am not able to cross even when I am willing to. So much needs to be done and there are so many who are looking towards me as someone in a better position then what they are but all I am able to do is turn my face away and just feel guilty of not being able to do anything. No one in this world is born with a responsibility and actually responsibility is something that can only be take when you find your self responsible for it or answerable.

With a limited point of view the responsibilities are restricted to a radius but the question that arises is when we will be able to come out of this limited point of view and start feeling our self responsible to the extent of horizon.

Its easy to earn money, yes it is, its easy to live a happily, yes it is, its easy to live for your self and its not hard to live for others or is it. This small feeling, this thought, this approach is missing from most of our lives.

Why are we scared of losing something that is already getting lost by every second and why are we trying to preserve something that we are not sure for how long we can hold it.

There is a great saying that, live the life as it is the last moment to live. When we hear this the first thing that would come to our minds would be something that can give us joy, enjoyment, happiness. By the way who defined joy, who defined enjoyment, the answer is quite blunt we don’t know who.

Its quite easy to drink your life as if you are drinking a bottle of beer with every moment we live, may be that is what we call enjoyment, may be that is what gives us happiness. Consider people like Mother Teressa or Mahatma Gandhi, were they from some all different world or from some other planet. Why did they have different meaning for enjoyment, a different meaning of happiness, a different way to celebrate and every moment they lived as if every moment was last moment of their life.

We party and we enjoy, do we ever do it all alone, no I don’t think so. The day we will realise that enjoyment is not in our happiness but in sharing it with others and especially with those who really need it, our would will be a better place to live.

This is something that we not just need to think upon but act upon and the best part is we are not depended on any external things that are not in our control say for an example our governments.

I am not a great person who would have already attained this level in life but really aspire for it and I am trying for it.

Remember friends…

“Trying to be is the first step to be”


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