Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hello World!!

I'm blogging. I know its been awhile that I never updated my blog. Well, my life right now is kind of busy. I need to work 8 hours a day and I want to tell everybody that I am pregnant...isn't that cool? I always so tired everyday since I started mt pregnancy and all I wanna do is just to sleep and eat. I am now 15 weeks of my pregnancy. I am so excited that I will be a Mommy soon.

So what's up with me now? Hmmmm, I'm just doin great being a wife and a teacher with these Little Munchkins in school.

I'm always happy with my life now and I am contented of what God's blessings for me. I couldn't ask for more for Him except good health for everybody.

Before I will end this blog I want to share this poem for everybody. A poem written by my friend and I would rather say my sister who really inspires me a lot everyday by sending some inspirational letters. I'm so proud of her.

by: Debby Meyer

Words without a thought
will bring on self doubt.

Words of strength
will help develop
unwavering faith.

Words to each other
should encourage
their best.

If you choose words
with this in mind,
you will have friends
for your life time.

So bloggers, I will see you tomorrow.. I will be blogging then!
Have a goodnight!


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Welcome back.

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