Monday, May 25, 2009

What to do to get promoted

Do you want to be promoted? Then, strive hard, make the effort. Don't get stuck on what you have right now. To be considered for a promotion, an employee must meet the minimum qualifications for the proposed job classification as outlined in the approved job description.

What to do to be get a promotion?

1. Show to your boss that you have the potential to learn new responsibilities. You may have limits too your capacity, but you can always do something new.
2. Continue to be successful on the job at hand. Just be patient, but persistent.
3. Show them what they don't know; how much you can do; how ready you are for that big promotion.

Remember, promotion comes along with it new responsibilities, bigger accountabilities, bigger tasks and challenges, so it is essential that you acknowledge what they might be, and that you are committed to doing whatever it takes to trek the new path ahead.


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