Monday, February 11, 2008

Behind every Great Love Story is a Story

Three more days and it's Valentines day. People become crazy looking for stuffs to buy for their love ones. Chocolates, flowers, reserved for two in a fancy restaurant...every one is busy. Not me. I will spend that special day with my hubby at home. Cuddling each other and eat and laugh together. Since I told you that I will blog more about love stories then here is it.

I remember the movie "THE NOTEBOOK", that was a very nice love story. For those who haven't seen it then I'll tell you a little about it, things that I just remember, so bear with me. Here it goes:

A young woman comes to the coastal town of Seabrook, North Carolina in the 1940’s to spend the summer with her family. Still in her teens, Allie Hamilton (Rachel McAdams) meets local boy Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling) at a Carnival. On the spot, Noah senses that he and Allie are meant to be together. Though she is a wealthy debutante and he a mill worker, over the course of one passionate and carefree summer in the South, the two fall deeply in love.

Circumstances – and the sudden outbreak of World War II – drive them apart, but both continue to be haunted by memories of each other. When Noah returns home from the war years later, Allie is irrevocably gone from his life, but not from his heart.

Though Noah doesn’t yet know it, Allie has come back to Seabrook, where they first fell in love. But now Allie is engaged to marry Lon (James Marsden), a wealthy soldier she met while volunteering in a GI hospital.

Decades later, a man (James Garner) reads from a faded notebook to a woman (Gena Rowlands) he regularly visits at her nursing home. Though her memory has faded, she becomes caught up in the fiery story of Allie and Noah – and for a few moments, she is able to relive the passionate, turbulent time when they swore they’d be together always.

See, how deep is their love,a story of lost chances, growing up and the power of enduring love. It was indescribably and achingly beautiful and amazing film! And quite a classical love drama that portrays a long and lasting Love, though it seems impossible to find this kind of Love nowadays..Its really a lovely, sweet movie that inspires and rekindles the love or more aptly the true essence of love in one's life..

I would suggest all those love birds to definitely give it a shot. I cried, I laughed and Loved then cried again throughout watching this movie. I haven't seen a beautiful American romantic movie like this one...One of the best I have to admit. And I will admit that this Valentines Day my hubby and I will watch this film.



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