Monday, February 4, 2008

My Bear named Rham...

It's really nice to know if your husband love you most. Do you know why? Okey, let me tell you this.

My hubby and I went to Walmart last week to get some stuff like food, milk, fruits and some other supplies needed in our house. We passed by this aisle where there are stuff toys. I saw lots of toys and I just remember my younger days that I never had these kind of toys and made me feel so unlucky. As I can recall, my mother used to give me a doll but it was too small and its plastic. She then told me before that just play with your brothers and just don't care about dolls. So by then, I don't have much toys like other kids have. I never blame my mom for it because we are not that rich family that we can afford expensive toys.

That very day that my hubby and I was in Walmart, and I saw this very huge Teddy Bear. I went directly to the Bear and I hug it. So soft and soooooooooo Big!!!!!!!! Then I just started to tell my self that "I hope I could have this Bear". Well, I think God heard my prayers. I didn't know that my hubby saw me squeezing the Big Bear. Then he suddenly came closer to me and says, " Do you like it? If you want it then put it in the cart, I will buy it for you. Babe, I will always be happy to give whatever you want because I love you. I'm so happy to see you happy."

I looked at him and smiled and softly said, "YES". Then I got the Big Bear and my hubby was so happy to see that I was so happy to have the Big Bear.. Then we came across with my lovable toy, "TWEETY BIRD".. my hubby got Tweety Bird and it sings too. I got lots of tweety collections and this new one just added to my collections.

See how my husband really loves me? Yes of course I love my husband too, more than he knows.
So it's too nice to know that there is someone who really loves you dearly.


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