Sunday, March 16, 2008

How to feel more relax, you need a Spa

Have a blessed Sunday to everyone. It's not that cold in here right now in my place, just like 68 degrees so I feel more relaxed and I feel that I'm just in my homeland(PINAS). I can't wait for the spring already.

Today, I'm sittin in our Paseo cause its not cold. Then suddenly I remember my life when I was still in "PINAS". For all those bloggers who doesn't know about who I am I want to let you know that I'm a very hardworking woman.

When I was still teaching in the "PINAS", I worked hard that sometimes I forgot to take care of myself. It's quite good that I have a mirror in front of me in class, I could check myself once in a while. Yes, it might seem unbelievable to some but it's true. I intend to nail it at a certain place which was directed to my face, so each time I talk I can see my facial expression...whew! and it all boils down to one one time I stared at my countenance, I thought I'd morph into the legendary NARCISSUS, but it was the other way around! I had fallen out of love for myself lately, that means pretty much this way: that I have become too busy with my so-called-busy-but-boring-life, I have forgotten to take some time to care for myself...

I also remember that very day, I had uttered a strong goodbye to my specially love. I could hardly imagine it, but I was really wondering what made me look straight at myself in the mirror...(maybe I was just too afraid to lose in the game of love that I told myself it's not the end of everything!.

Anyway, I was staring at my face for a while and then I realized that I needed some overhaul. I needed to fix something, but what is it? later I knew that I missed going to the spa to make romance with the aroma of candles and oil...yes, I missed going there to pamper myself!

And so I did. Well that moment, even if my pocket complained a bit with the price, it was worth it! this is the start of a brand new me! and I'm sure that there are more pampering to come...IT"S JUST SO NICE TO BE IN LOVE (with myself) AGAIN!.

When I go back to "PINAS", the very first thing I'm gonna do is to have SPA. Wanna join with me?


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At March 16, 2008 at 11:40 PM, Blogger AiDiSan said...

I am dying to have a SPA session too to pamper myself, however, due to lack of time I am unable to do it but I promised myself to treat myself to a spa salon on my birthday in May. Meantime, I'm happy having my toenails pedicured twice a week.

At March 17, 2008 at 7:04 AM, Blogger UncleJosh said...

me too!!!
i want to have a spa session with my darl too..
with champagne and chocolates and also a very soothing body massage... :)
can't wait for it...
probably for our honeymoon

At March 18, 2008 at 12:20 AM, Blogger Jojo said...

Maestra diay ka day? Ako libreha ko ug spa. I wish I had the time to go get some massage.


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