Sunday, April 6, 2008

Century Tuna....

A century tuna, Philippine product my fave "pampalipas ng gutom and simpleng sud-an" too. Being independent and working before in Cebu City Phil., century tuna is my emergency "sud-an", why? affordable, yummy and ready to eat. I love it with my fave skyflakes cracker as a snack and having a cup of coffee.

Now, what's the story behind this century tuna?

I just paid my due rent and knowing I need to wait one more week for a payday. I do not cook and I call myself "flies" having my meals at the food chains, or carinderia. During payday I like on feast at some expensive restaurants in Cebu with my friends. But not all the time was a happy and lucky time. I'm out of budget and need to wait for the pay day.

It was Sunday, meaning most of the carinderias near my place are close. To add that I was running out of budget. 'Twas the moment that tested my being ME, so what I did I got all my coins on my piggy bank, and budget budget what's for lunch. So I came up with the idea to get century tuna, noodles and rice. When I was on my way already to get home bringing with my century tuna, I never noticed that there were some boys running towards me. Then one of them accidentally bang in front of me. Unfortunately I dropped the century tuna and rolled into a small hole directly to the drainage.

I was shocked! The boy just ran away. "Goodbye, century tuna!" I told myself.. I was eating then my noodles and rice.. Hahhaha!!! Century tuna is gone! Pay day comes,I told my friend to go out with me and we went to nice restaurant and ordered all we want to eat. A great Feast!!!

I couldn't forget this tuna experience.


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