Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Social Park Live!

SocialSpark is Live! Are you a part of it yet? I am!

You can see my profile here.

I'm still learning how to use it all, but it's an amazing social network that really showcases bloggers and advertisers alike.

Like other social networks it lets you create your own community by giving people props, becoming "friends" with others, and showcasing your bio and blogs. If you check out my profile on SocialSpark, along with information about me. This is a nice way for advertisers to see if you, or I would be a good match to work with them.

It's open to the public now, and if you aren't a part of it, maybe it's time to join!

One of the things I'm still unsure about, is when you request a slot for a job, it isn't always guaranteed. I prefer to work on my time, rather than on somebody else's time, when they decide I can write about something. The other thing I'm still adjusting to is the changing prices. When I have taken jobs with their other company in the past, it was a set rate, but now they are fluctuating. That means if that job is in high demand, the price drops. If it's slower, the price may be higher.

I do like being able to look at the different community blogger profiles, because it's introduced me to some blogs I wouldn't have known about otherwise.

To make this a better experience for me, I think I'd have set pricing, rather than fluctuating pricing. It's frustrating to see it change through out the day, or when you try to request it, you may not hear back for awhile. I have a certain amount of time set aside for blogging, since I do other things as well.

Lastly, while I'm excited about the social community, and a new concept in marketing, advertising and blogging, I'm not sure how I feel about requesting slots, and then having to wait to see if you get it. I want to write about it when I'm ready! Also, I want enough time to respond and write about it. Once an offer is accepted, you've got 12 hours to get it done, but since it starts at midnight, I'm sleeping for the first 8 hours of that! That means, I need to wake up, and get to it in 4 hours, which can be rough when you have a busy morning schedule.

SocialSpark on the other hand, offers me a community that speaks blogger language, and we (bloggers) can all cheer about that!

This post has been brought to you by, which is now open to the public. It's a great opportunity to get your blogs seen, see other blogs, and get to know like minded people. If you'd like to learn more about SocialSpark and this new fun community, check them out at


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