Friday, September 25, 2009

So Gross!

What could be more gross than seeing a dead rotten cadaver? Yeah,I could not imagine seeing such a thing in reality for it really is gross.Well,that is what my husband thought yesterday when he responded to a call about a house that stinks so bad.Big flies flying around the windows,lots of them and some of them are dead.

The very first indication that someone have had died in that house for a long time is the strong stinky foul smell coming from the inside plus the flies! Yucks! So he went inside,could not stand the smell,dead rats were all over the floor.Despite of that he still looked around,opened the refrigerator and the freezer.That is where the smell coming from.When he opened the freezer,lots of roaches crawling into his arm and he saw a tray of meat,rotten,color white covered with maggots! Yucks!!

Then,he stayed there longer going inside each room of the house looking for a dead body but there's none.How he wished he did not stay there longer for he feels the smell is all over him.He wished that a burglar would come and clean up the house himself before taking some of the valuable things left in that house.

The story of that house is it is COMPLETELY ABANDONED by the owner.The wife and the 3 kids left the abusive and sick husband.Then the irresponsible husband just let all the bills piled up not paying them for months and eventually the companies for water,electricity and etc cut it off and so he left also.

People in here are just so screwed up!!


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At January 23, 2010 at 12:34 PM, Blogger texas_sweetie said...

this sounds like what my husband told me too, very the same exact story cguro pulis pud imo bana no?

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