Friday, September 11, 2009

Folding clothes or doing dishes?

I don't mind doing any other chores at home except these two, washing dishes and folding clean clothes. They take too long to finish you know but heck no one is around to do these things in my behalf. Heck, the most dreaded chores I wanna do yet I keep doing them everyday of my existence here on Earth, why is that?

When my husband arrived home from work tonight, the dryer was still running but the clothes that were drying were almost done and so he just stopped the dryer from running and finished the job himself. I was planning of folding the clothes tomorrow but what he did? He took them out and laid them all on the bed.

When I went to the bedroom to get something, all I could find was the clothes neatly scattered on our bed and I uttered, I am not ready to do this tonight, why did he bring 'em all in here??? Duhhhhh had no choice but did the folding of our clothes. I felt relieved afterward for I don't have to think about it tomorrow.


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