Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Camotes Get away....

As I' m sitting down and thinking what are the things I'm gonna do to never felt bore dome here in the house I look at my nice and very handy laptop I remember that I need to blog. It's quite awhile I never blog then.

Today I will share to everyone my trip in one of the best Island in the Philippines. Introducing Camotes Island. I remember that day when I was still in the Philippines, it was like 3 days holiday break for everyone. Well, time for escapade. My students and I decided to hop in this Island. It was my first time too to discover this precious Island. Not too many tourist came to visit this place cause its far and not that too much famous when you compare it to Bohol Island.

I don't mind then. What's in my mind was just to relax and enjoy the nice Island. Let me tell you about Camotes Island.

Camotes Island is situated in Central Visayas, in the Philippines. It is a part of the province of Cebu in Region VII. Camotes Islands is located east of Cebu and west of Leyte . Camotes Island is made up of three main sub-islands and divided into four municipalities. This four capital towns are Pilar, Poro, San Francisco and Tudela. Camotes Island's photography is hilly. The highest point of the island is 386 meters above sea level. It's climate is characterized by distinct dry season. Access to the island is by boat. There are daily boats from mainland Cebu to Camotes Island.




When we arrived there we stayed at Santaigo Bay Garden Resort. It was a very nice resort. The resort successfully and effortlessly blends nature with friendly hospitality. It is a few minutes from the town and the ports of San Francisco and Poro.

You don’t come to Camotes for crème brulee, a Swedish massage or a Cosmopolitan. You come for the clean air, the fresh catch and the fabulous views. You come for the peace, quiet and solitude the island offers you. You don’t come to Camotes to soak in the luxury of your oceanfront Jacuzzi. You come to revel in the luxuries that the ocean in front offers you. Emerald waters gloriously heated by the sun at noon. An endless shoreline that lies undisturbed all day long. Late afternoon walks in the company of colonies of crablets. Enchanting explorations of a seabed carpeted with starfish as far as you can see.

It was a nice trip that we had. And that was one of the best experience I ever had in my life. Wish when I go back to my beloved homeland, I will take my hubby there and spend heavenly night together.

If you wanna go there and you cannot do without Hansgrohe fittings and 1000 thread Pima cotton sheets, don’t come to Camotes. Still, if you must—leave your Billabong shorts, Mandarina Duck luggage and Havaianas, behind—in this precious slice of paradise, you won’t need them.


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