Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rights for Everyone

Do you feel sometimes in your workplace that the higher people, I mean the bosses never treat you fairly? I guess it always happening. Then I just wanna share this experience I had with my very close friend way back in the Philippines. As you know I was a teacher in a Korean Academy. What's come up to your mind if you will be working in a foreign school? Then I guess you will be embracing all the policy that they want, whatever it is.

I have this friend of mine, actually he is in a higher position in the Academy, he's one of the best supervisor's. One afternoon he came to my room and he's face doesn't look good. So I asked him what happen. He said that, he's late again that morning in coming to work. Actually, not that he's late always but in sometimes in a week he's late like 10 minutes.It's been one year,five months and three days to be exact since he started rendering an all passionate service in our workplace but no awards ever fell or stray onto his well-lotioned hands.

If I have to reckon,he have been one of the most sought-after teachers in the Academy,if not the only one because they don't deem it valid and the only basis in choosing the best among the rest that all his students that year have so far lingered in his class 'till they had to go back home except for those whose butts he intentionally kicked out because of their despicable attitude.Most often,he would just appease himself by sharpening his competitiveness in the field of his expertise to subtly show our Academic head where they should have put him.But often somehow too,they're numb.They never care.

He then started to talked and told me that he received a memo stating that he have to deal properly with his tardiness otherwise,sanctions will be imposed on him.When the sheet of warning was on his hands already, he said he felt like the emotional wound caused by my bosses' ignorance on his jobs well-done was rubbed with salt.His blood went hot and it surged all the way to his boiling point.He said he do acknowledge that he's not good at coming to work on time but so are the others,and he's right I told him... and to tell you even those in higher positions than him they come to school late.

Well,I can't even come to a reason why is it that they do not suspend, our English native speaker at work when he always incurs absences in a week.That's worse than coming late to work as my friend does.What's more unpardonable about it is he's not a Filipino and my friend is a Filipino.Where have their sense of nationalism and patriotism gone? And isn't it anger-inducing that instead of reducing his(our native speaker) salary,it was ironically increased under their assumption that it would motivate him to work harder.My friend may not be good at keeping time but I know he'd be there, never stand anybody up least he's caught distituted by an accident(God,forbid!) and for cying out loud,its not's not really fair.

Despite in his always coming to school beyond the mandated time,he had never compromised his task of teaching and supervising.In fact,he have been excellent at it.My point is,if they can reward an American worker who is far and beyond tardy,why can't they do it with the Filipino workers? Such an act to my audicious opinion is an admittance that we,Filipinos are beneath the other races.I was raised with the belief that Filipinos are the inferior blood but, this thinking had changed since I started working with foreigners.Filipinos may be financially and technologically snowed under but our initiative and mental sublimity are unparalled.Isn't it amazing that we Filipino families paint big smiles on our faces even when we are not materially gifted? .

Anyhow,I do respect my bosses.God do I respect them in the truest sense of the word! But if their position does not meet the standard logic and fairness,I am afraid I have to differ...peaceful,though.Till now even if I'm not working there anymore I crossed my fingers tightly for them to notice the effort of other teachers who are working very hard.But I can't stop the fates if they draw on my palm,on any day that my friend would be late.He's just human,after all.


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At March 22, 2008 at 5:01 PM, Blogger SPLICE AND DICE said...

Your (former) bosses do not deserve their positions given that they appear to discriminate their employees. I raise my middle finger to them as a grand salute of disrespect. Your (former) bosses deserve it.

At March 23, 2008 at 8:00 AM, Blogger tweety said...

hahaha.. i do agree with you..there should be fairness in every employee!!..


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