Thursday, June 12, 2008

Romance with the Sunsets

Walking is a good habit for both of our mind and body. It feels gladness to our mind and an exciting freshness to our body. It helps us to maintain our health and through this, our wealth. If you walk for an half an hour on everyday, it will be most good thing you can do for yourself. Then you need not want to do the risky exercises on all the day, even if you want to do, walking is better than exercises for your mind.

These are facts about walking. In addition, if you join your partner with you on evening walks, if you both take a walk together, enjoying the beauty of world and nature, having some funny talking together, have some coffee or a light meal together, going for a cinema,…. it will be a surprising and impressive, ideal feeling. Which will give you, both pleasure and enjoyment.

You can discuss about your futures during your evening walks like, how will be your life on future, about your future house, kids, etc,. However, do not put the things, like family secrets etc, during that time. Which may tempt quarrels between you, and your spiritual evening may changeover into a troubled evening.
We can say that, a couple in deep love with each other, finds love everywhere, because they are filled with passion. However, there are certain places where the joy of romancing increases manifold. One can never imagine of romance on a busy street with cars honking all the time. To romance and share what the heart says in silence, go to watch sunsets. You will truly enjoy the passion. If you watch a sun set near a sea shore , that will even double the joy.

We are all troubled with day-to-day work and worries. They are unending. Romance brings a new freshness in life and watching a sunset together can make you touch that fresh feeling, as if no worries ever existed. As the sun sets, and the night arrives, get up and return to your nest as all the birds have already done. Gather as many such moments as possible because after few years, they will become your most cherished treasures. Life is short.

May you have a successful love ;-)


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