Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fruit Graving

Lanzones (Buwahan)..


Guava (Bayabas)..


I wish I may I wish I might...make my wish come true tonight " maybe in my dreams" hahahha. I am dying to have some of the above fruits so bad, it's hard for me not to have them once in awhile even from a can. I grew up with fruits because we have trees in our small land and anywhere in the market fruit stand back home you can find them.

I miss the lanzones so much, cause we have lots of lanzones tress just behind our house. On the month of October is the season for lanzones so all the lanzones trees bear fruits and I enjoy climbing and get some of it. I miss that experience. The Sireguellas is yummy and fun to eat because you can throw the seed to your enemy when you have nothing to do and the guava (bayabas) yumyum with asin (salt) just don't eat too much so you will not have to spend too much in the potty, hahahha..and the Citrus is good if you have colds.


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At May 2, 2008 at 12:28 AM, Blogger BERNADETH said...

yes lanzones in gingoog is so sweet, even in camaguin. wow! na miss nako na. i cannot find it here sa amoa.


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