Thursday, May 22, 2008

A yearbook of smoking pots and drinking beer

A yearbook is a book that records, highlights, and commemorates the past year of a school or the different year levels. As in the case of my high school batch before, which I served as one of the editors, the yearbook included the individual photographs of my classmates, information on our activities and other events that highlighted our high school life. What about this one? This yearbook from a high school in Denver Colorado, however, shows teens drinking and smoking pot - photos of students smoking marijuana and drinking beer.

Looks interesting huh!

Hannah Fredrickson, the senior who served as yearbook editor, said she regrets not balancing the yearbook pictures of teenagers smoking pot with pictures of non-drug users. She also said she is sorry about not warning her principal. She also said people need to know what is going on.

The yearbook has drawn ire from parents and administrators. The school offered to take back yearbooks and give refunds.

Amy McTague, the teacher who supervises the yearbook production, sent a letter of apology to parents.


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