Sunday, May 18, 2008

Art in the Square

I know its been awhile that I never blog. I was just too tired last week and I'm not feeling better too. I think its all because of the weather that just so horrible. Just like in the morning the sun comes out but then in the afternoon rains poured down and I hate it. It made me sick. Anyhow, this weekend I have a great time with my hubby.

Yesterday, we went to the Art in the Square here in Belleville.We go around the gorgeous fountain in beautiful downtown Belleville, Illinois. Admission was free to the public thanks to the official sponsors.

What is Art on the Square? It is ranked #1 (Art Fair Source Book 2008) art shows in the nation. In its seventh year, the art show hopes to once again attract over 85,000 people to view the work of outstanding artist and fine craftsmen. A premier event in the metro-east region, the show offers visitors the chance to meet exhibiting artist, enjoy family entertainment, children's workshops, taste fine cuisines and take a walk through our historic neighborhoods.

It was fun to see people around and I came to appreciate the beauty of Art. I love to paint, to draw, to sketch but I just don't have much time to do it as really others people do. But as long as I have this special gift well it will stay with me forever.

Heres some pictures I have taken in our walk to the Art Of the Square.


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