Friday, June 20, 2008 Cool Site!

I came across with this blog, HIMANTAYON.COM and I vow that from this day forward I am going to lurk on this blog.

I could really say how talented and innovative the owner of this blog. I love the concept. Nalingaw ko. Sige jud kog agik-ik og katawa.

These kind of people surely makes the world fling into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities. At times in our life, we do feel that that we are hopeless and empty and we have no appropriate sword other than LAUGHTER.

And I am the kind who loves merriment and amusement and because of that sometimes I do invent laughter. Yeah. Mora kog

To Himantayon,

I laugh with you and I love your enthusiasm towards life. Thank you for giving us a zeal of laughter in most situation, you are gifted.

Keep up a hahahahappy site! GO BISDAK!!!


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