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Saint Louis Zoo:Amazing and Educational

I really had a great time yesterday cause I went to Saint Louis Zoo with my friends in school where I work. It was almost 12noon when we arrived in there. I couldn't imagine in my two eyes that there were plenty of people were there and since I guess its free entrance and most of the animals are just free so thats why people flock in the Zoo.

While waiting for the rest of the gang Quita and I picture-picture sa..

Ang ila Police sa Park, nagkabayo lang kay mahal ang Gas!

The Saint Louis Zoo has educated, entertained and earned a place in the hearts of St. Louisans for generations. With the Louisiana Purchase Exposition , there began a long and slow process to establish a zoological park. Sure enough, local pride in the giant elliptical bird cage led to formation of a St. Louis Zoological Society. The City of St. Louis set aside 77 acres in Forest Park for a zoo and named a Zoological Board of Control. State legislation provided that "the zoo shall be forever free," which has kept the Zoo accessible to millions of visitors ever since.

St. Louis Zoo,here I come!!

and the gang!

So, ill take you now to my trip to the Zoo.What are the things to see? They have what you call ZOO ZONE.

Our first stop:River's Edge

Our journey along a mythical waterway through four continents to discover how wildlife, plants and people interact. River's Edge is the Saint Louis Zoo's first immersion exhibit -- a lushly planted naturalistic environment showcasing multiple species from around the world. As we enter the 10-acre exhibit, we become immersed in the animal's habitats, watching hippos float gracefully underwater, rhinos wallowing in the mud and elephants playing beneath a waterfall. See baby Asian elephants Maliha and Jade. With educational "field stations" and limited barriers or buildings in sight, River's Edge invites us to learn more about the world in which we live.I really enjoy thetrip to River's Edge. You never know what's just around the bend.

Theres the Hippo,behind me..inside the water huge!

Gusto ta ko mo sakay, dili lang picture nlang ko..

Second Stop: Discovery Corner

I am looking for an animal to meet up-close, or prefer those safely housed behind glass, I found it at Discovery Corner.I slide through a pool surrounded by otters. I follow a butterfly's wandering flight. I saw some spiders and some other insects that really amazed me.I can do it all at the Zoo's most hands-on, interactive exhibits, where one rule holds true:And I feel that learning is fun!

The Tarantula, ewwwhhh....

Bugs and other insects in that glass..

The Deaths Head Cockroach...

The Butterflies:

Third Stop: Historic Hill

Historic Hill is a lovely stroll through one of the oldest parts of the Saint Louis Zoo. From the Flight Cage to the Spanish architectural flavor in the Bird House, Primate House and Herpetarium to the finishing touches of our thoroughly modern exhibits, this area of the Zoo has a unique ambiance and a nostalgic history that make it a great destination.

Me and Cheta-e!

The Primate House.Separated only by glass from active family groups, I can watched a panorama of grooming, foraging for food, playing, parenting and other social interaction of monkeys. Rockscapes, waterfalls, trees and vines provided for them and numerous footholds for climbing and jumping. Its so fun watching these Primate clinging on vines.

Fourth Stop: Herpetarium(The Reptile House)

Specifically for snakes, lizards, frogs and other amphibians, Reptile House was renamed the Charles H. Hoessle Herpetarium in honor of the Zoo's Director Emeritus.
I saw Burmese Pythons and it says it can reach a length of 20 feet. However, even the more typical 17-to-18 foot-long specimens can exceed 200 pounds! These snakes have become popular as pets because of their beauty, slow movements, and impressive size. But they are often purchased by people who are not able to give them the proper housing and care. It often takes two people just to lift a mature animal. Furthermore, the snake's enclosure can occupy most of a room, and its food requirements match its size.Well, no way I will never have this as my pet.

The Burmese Python

Komodo Dragon, gamay na dragon? lol..

Side-Striped Palm Pitviper Snake

Fifth Stop: Red Rocks

At Red Rocks, I saw some of the world’s most powerful predators living some of the world’s most graceful prey.The Lions, tigers, zebra and giraffes all share the natural rocky boulders and outcroppings as their territory. With shading trees and a bird or two among the mammals, Red Rocks is a great place to spend a day at the Saint Louis Zoo. I really love the Lion who is just resting inside the stone cave that moment.And zebras were just running freely.

Mufasa, Lion King..

The sleepy Tigers, yet hungry..dili ta pa du-ol..

The Zebra owners..hahhaha

Three Camels,resting gikapoy lakaw gikan sa Sahara Desert..

I know that some people doesn't want to visit in a Zoo cause they felt sorry of these animals.Well, I feel the same too, but still I just want to see real animals and feel them. Not just see them in TV or heard it with other people.

Our Final Picture, bisan gikapoy, SMILE gihapon..

I wanna be back again in the Zoo and enjoy some of the rides in there. A day is not enough to see all you wanna see. So wanna come with me?


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