Friday, March 28, 2008

I signed up for PPP!

It seems that everyday is raining in here. When I woke up this morning still it’s raining, you can hear the roar of thunder and see lightning flashes. I told myself I can’t wait for spring time and a warm weather.

So, to make my day more easier and relaxing and not minding the heavy rain outside I start to open my laptop, and do my daily routine, checking mails and read blogs… and guess what PayPerPost approved me to get paid to pleasure! Actually, as you read this you should consider the same. Why not get paid to do something? The sign up process is easy but be patient as you wait to be approved. Be sure to read their requirements. Wow, I have been waiting for so long that I will be approved and I know that only being patient is the key of everything.

My brother is also a blogger addict. He’s the one who encourages me and telling me more about paid blogging . He’s the one pushing me to write and telling me stuffs that blogging is really a good thing. Then one time he mentioned to me about Pay Per Post and he said that they will pay you for writing a blog. I have read in other blogs too about their testimony for PayPerPost. Well, of course I want to make money too while I do blogging. I guess everyone wants it. I really want help my hubby in a little way to pay some bills, and get some groceries. It’s really nice I guess that as husband and wife you need to help one another in doing everything. And this is just a simple way in helping him.

Thank’s Bro for helping me this out. I think without you then I will be just nothing. I’m so proud to have a brother like you.

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