Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cats:Bugs and Molly

Do you have pets at home? What are they?

Well, as I can remember during my childhood, we got lots of cats at home, like 12 of them. Can you imagine that? When my Mom started to call them to eat, they jump, and run so excitedly to eat their food. The cats we had before are just a free cat, like they can sleep anywhere and go anywhere they have their freedom, stray cat they said. They eat anything like left over, and we don’t have a definite cat food for them. So, as for me cats are just nothing. I like dogs better.

My hubby got two cats. He told me that while we were still knowing our likes and dislikes. I told him that I don't like cats that much. Since my hubby was alone for many years his life revolves around these two cats and no one else. The cats follow him around the house, talking whole way in (well sure the cats does have an opinion on everything). He doesn’t like dog that much as I do but he prefers cats.

So then, I started to convince myself that I must like cats too. There’s nothing I can do then... The cats were BUGS and MOLLY. Bugs is the male cat and Molly is the female cat. Bugs is a playful gray cat. He likes to watch birds and squirells out of the window. He's sharp eyes are attracted to any sharp movements. Staring his natural instincts. While Molly, she’s a shy cat. She always hide under the table and just she comes out when its time for her to eat and also when they play together. She is part Siamese which inlfuenced her high strung character. She is more faster than Bugs.Sometimes she seems borderline feral.

Now I do enjoy taking care of them. It brings us joy as they curl up on our bed and purrs them to sleep.They keep us warm while they sleep between our legs. They provide us with endless entertainment as they chase their feather wand with enthusiasm. But from time to time, it might also drive me crazy as they scratches on the chair, executes sneak attacks anywhere, or sometimes they stop using the litter box. I think that it’s a cat’s behavior.

Cats are very different from dogs. Their behavior might at times be strange, baffling, frustrating and maybe even alarming. But once you understand why a cat behaves the way he does, you will better understand the marvel of living with these creatures.

Remember, never, ever hit an animal for doing something which is only natural.


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At April 3, 2008 at 5:57 PM, Blogger Vincent Bautista said...

awe cute cats! I have a dog and her name is Missy. There are times that I get frustrated with her because there are times that she jumps on us and play-bite us (she really doesn't bite us). But there are also times that she's as tame as a little puppy never jumping and biting and she likes being petted.

Geez, understanding our pets behavior sure is hard but I love her even if she's like that. ^_^


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